Books by Phil Van Hooser

These leadership books by Phil Van Hooser are engaging and filled with practical examples to help you build leadership and communication skills, employee motivation, team building and service professionalism.

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  • Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership

    There are just some things every leader ought to know – like how to earn an employee’s respect, how to be truthful, how to make good decisions, how to motivate others -- how to be taken seriously as a leader. Leaders Ought to Know is a must-read for leaders feeling the pressure to perform. Vetted for real world practicality, the book shows leaders how to:

    • Motivate -- not manipulate -- to get results
    • Maintain honesty
    • Communicate hard truths without damaging relationships
    • Earn the respect of those they lead
    • Manage fear and control emotions
  • We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

    Like it or not, a huge factor in leadership success rests on communication skills. Professional relationships are impacted – positively or negatively – by the ability to communicate. Customers are won or lost. Employees are encouraged or de-motivated. Business networks are expanded or extinguished. Learn six unique, power strategies for communicating when relationships and results are riding on your abilities. Discover how you can:

    • Establish empathy and trust when communicating
    • Rebuild the believability quotient
    • Rein in brutal honestly
    • Build rapport by actively listening
    • Earn respect while delivering difficult messages and guarantee your message was interpreted correctly
  • Willie’s Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty

    Customer service professionals can be successful even in the most difficult service circumstances -- if they practice six key service strategies. In this engaging customer service book that reveals Phil’s encounter with a South Carolina cabdriver, you will learn six proven ideas for exceptional customer service including how to:

    • Connect immediately with every customer every time
    • How to design a personalized service solution for each customer's needs
    • How to offer special treatment that creates a lasting, positive impression and much more
  • You’re Joe’s Boy, Ain’t Ya?

    Learn to live, love and lead with contentment and purpose through the stories in this inspirational book. In You're Joe's boy, ain't ya?, Phillip Van Hooser shares the leadership lessons from life that have helped him - and can help you - build a solid footing in today's rocky world. These concepts will start you on your personal leadership development success plan today.

    “You're Joe's boy, ain't ya? is overflowing with good advice and laced with plain good story telling.”
    -- Martin Ramsey, CEATH Company