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Companies & Organizations

  • Build a culture of teamwork and trust
  • Improve employee relations and engagement
  • Increase productivity
  • Capitalize on previously untapped ideas and creativity
  • Reduce lost opportunity costs
  • Get everyone working toward the same goals

Leaders & Business Pros

  • Gain respect and credibility
  • Build trust and approachability
  • Connect and engage authentically
  • Communicate effectively
  • Improve teamwork, collaboration, and empowerment
  • Reduce conflict and stress

Commonsense Leadership Development & Inspiring Keynotes

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Alyson Van Hooser

Leadership Development Trainer, Author & Keynote Speaker (aka 'The Millennial')

Author: LEVEL UP: Elevate Your Game & Crush Your Goals
Expertise: Generational Issues, Leadership Development & Employee Engagement

From tough beginnings, Alyson Van Hooser learned the foundation of adaptive leadership and communication at a very young age. Fast-paced success in management and leadership roles in the retail, banking & insurance industries, as well as an elected city councilwoman — all before the age of 30 — Alyson has wisdom well beyond her years and guides leaders to improved performance that works in today’s world!

With her personal and professional success strategies in tow, Alyson’s multi-generation audiences and leadership development clients return to work energized and equipped with future-proof tactics to level up the way they lead themselves and their teams.

In their fun, free-flow show,‘The Man & The Millennial,’ Alyson (aka The Millennial), bridges the understanding gap between younger leaders and those of different generations with practical, commonsense guidance for successfully leading a diverse workforce.


Infinite Influence: Captivate, Connect, Compel & Create Lasting Impact

“When your goal is always a mutually beneficial outcome, when you seek above all else to meet the needs of people, Infinite Influence can be achieved!”

~ Alyson Van Hooser, Author, Infinite Influence

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Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE

Leadership Training Expert, Author & Keynote Speaker (aka 'The Man')

Author: Earning The Right To Be Heard
Expertise: Leadership Development, Engagement & Communication

From his leadership roles in heavy manufacturing, consumer products, and banking, Phillip Van Hooser knows firsthand the very real impact authentic, engaged leadership has on productivity and profits. And he knows the practical, commonsense strategies leaders, managers and supervisors should use to get better.

Implementing the commonsense leadership development approaches Phil shares, leaders and business professionals win greater credibility, communicate more effectively, and engage more confidently while building and sustaining a culture of teamwork and trust!

Alongside Alyson Van Hooser on The Man & The Millennial’ Show, Phil offers a seasoned, multi-generational perspective and approach to solving diverse workplace leadership challenges.


Earning The Right To Be Heard: Sell Your Ideas, Build Your Influence, Grow Your Opportunities

“This is really a must-read book for everyone who is in a position of influence or who desires to be in a position of influence. Learning how to earn the right to be heard is a real differentiator that will set apart those who understand this from those who don’t. Just get the book and read it right away. You won’t regret it.”

~ Steve Sanders, Cybersecurity Expert

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SEASON 1: 'The Man & The Millennial' Show

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Free Communication Guide

8 Steps to Handle Confrontation the Right Way

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Results & Value of VHA Leadership Development

A Case Study

Franklin Bank & Trust is a $500M community financial institution offering full banking services through 5 locations across south central Kentucky.

The Challenge

Through training, development and personal coaching, bank leadership wanted to prepare a select group of current and emerging leaders for transition into management/leadership roles.

The Solution

Van Hooser Associates developed and delivered a multi-session leadership training initiative for current and emerging leaders,
emphasizing fundamental leadership and strategic management skills.

The Value

Leaders invest time building working relationships Leaders set more goals and define clearer expectations Leaders developed greater awareness of their leadership


“The program allows interaction and real world experiences to be discussed and provide possible solutions that one can implement.”

Joe Morel, VP, Senior Mortgage Lender


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We've Helped Thousands of Leaders in Hundreds of Organizations Connect, Engage, & Empower Their Teams

Select Clients


The Right Leadership Development Organization!

…without reservation, Van Hooser Associates is the right organization to help any team when it comes to leadership development.

Anthony K., Equian, LLC

Outstanding Results!

The results are just outstanding!!

Doug G., Helena Agri-Enterprises

Dynamic, Engaging!

Dynamic and engaging, great at making things practical!

Christine K., Larimer County, CO

Workplace Relevant!

..relates to real life in the workplace…helps us understand how to motivate our people.

Jeff G., William E. Groves Construction

Great Leadership Insights!

Great insights into how leaders should behave in today’s business environments.

Jack B., General Manager, Lockheed Martin

Hit It Out of the Park!

The ‘Man and the Millennial’ hit it out of the park! You addressed relevant issues that engaged our diverse audience. Everyone left feeling empowered and excited!

Mandy S., Women in Propane Council