A Crisis of Confidence in Leadership

Crisis of Confidence in Leadership

Like millions of people, I made the mistake of reading the newspaper this morning. Staring at me from above the fold were titillating headlines grabbing my attention and leading me deeper into depressing stories of leadership failures. Stories of professional athletes exercising bullying tactics to intimidate and toughen up fellow teammates; elected officials openly buying and using illicit drugs; and yes, leaders at the highest levels recanting under pressure, saying that what they said is not really what they meant, even though they’d repeated it again and again. Unfortunately, this crisis of confidence in leadership exists in all areas of our lives. In this latest Leaders Ought to Know blog post, let’s consider what we as individual leaders can do about it.

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Phillip Van Hooser
Author: Phillip Van Hooser
Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE is committed to helping organizations transform their business outcomes by building engaged employee relationships. He is an award-winning keynote speaker and author on leadership, service and communication. His popular book, “Willie's Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty” recently hit #1 in Customer Relations on the Kindle store. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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