• Always Prepare

    At any moment, the right opportunity could be in front of you.  Are you ready? Today let’s see how the “always prepare” mindset keeps you ready to capitalize on opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere!

    Always Prepare

    In my previous vlog, Ask for Opportunity, we discussed how you can take hold of opportunities right in front of you simply by being bold enough to ask for them. But what about the opportunities you didn’t see coming?  Today let’s see how the “always prepare” mindset — keeps you ready to capitalize on opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere!

    For me, life was busy at twenty-one.  I graduated college, got married, started a new job, bought our first house, new baby on the way — you get my point. In that crazy season of life, opportunity came out of nowhere.  My husbands name is Joe.  We’d been married for about ten months when early one morning I came bursting out of the bathroom, running to the bedroom, jumped on the bed, then whispered to my sleeping husband, “I think I’m pregnant.”   When our little girl finally came, we decided it was time to make the big purchase.  We started the house hunt and very quickly struck gold!  

    At that time, Joe was working his way up the professional ladder which meant he had very little free time. Because of that, I took on the responsibility of communicating with the bank throughout the home-buying process.  The bank was going through a transition when I walked in to apply for the home loan. So… the ONLY PERSON available to take my information was the bank president. The. Bank. President.  I was a YOUNG twenty-one year old woman, fresh out of college, and honestly, I was pretty introverted when it came to professional situations at that time.  Seriously, at 21 — how would you handle being thrust in front of a Yale-grad bank president and CEO?   Alright, even though I was nervous, I had researched the home-buying and mortgage process, so I was prepared for what this meeting should entail.  We sat down.  He politely asked how he could help me, and my well prepared response set the tone for the rest of our time together.

    Buying a home had become a painstakingly long process since the market crash around 2008. So, throughout the next six weeks, I had to have multiple conversations with the bank president about our application.  When it came time to discuss our closing costs, I knew it was time for me to grow up. It was time for me to negotiate the best deal I could get.  

    President on one side of the desk.  Twenty-one year old me on the other side. One hard swallow, then I began the negotiation. Because I did my homework, I knew what my options were and I knew what the bank’s options were.  There is an art to negotiation and preparedness is a key element.  

    When you are prepared, you can win — sometimes in ways you don’t even see coming!

    Unseen Opportunity

    I got a call from the President a few days later. I assumed he was confirming our loan closing appointment the next day. To my surprise, he asked me to come in about thirty minutes before the appointment.  I was totally caught off guard. Why would he ask me to do that? Is something going wrong?  Are we not going to get our home?

    When I walked into his office, I  never what he would say next.  He began that meeting by saying how rare it was that someone my age was able to:

    1. Talk with upper level management professionally.
    2. Research a topic in depth and be able to discuss it thoroughly with no experience in the industry.
    3. Ask and negotiate terms.

    Here’s the opportunity I never saw coming — the president went on to offer me a management position within the bank.  I was completely surprised!  I ended up taking his offer and over the next five years, I continued to work my way into increasing responsibility and major personal growth.  I thought I was buying a home.  I ended up with a whole new career path because I was prepared.  

    If you were more prepared, where would you be today?  What concepts do you need to study? What skills do you need to brush up?

    You may not see opportunity coming, but if you seek knowledge, seek opportunity, and always prepare… you’ll be ready when it does!

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