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Connect, Inspire & Ignite Results

Through the power of true connection, Alyson Van Hooser guides business professionals to authentically engage with people to radically improve performance and ignite high caliber results!

She radiates an unexpected perspective on personal and professional success drawn from her own tough life experiences. Her intuitive street smarts and ownership mindset show her audiences how to unlock higher emotional intelligence and increased resilience in pursuit of greater success.

For leaders, business owners, and professionals of all kinds scrambling to figure out how to drive results, Alyson shares practical, tactical, results-obsessed approaches to capitalize on today’s challenges and create transformational outcomes.

Drawing on experience in the retail, banking, and insurance industries, as well as an elected city official, her audiences discover how to:


Connect Leaders, Teams, & Customers

Inspire & Improve Performance

Heighten Levels of Engagement

Feed an Attractive & Inclusive Culture

Alyson Van Hooser Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Engagement & High Performance

Leaders need practical solutions to help them use each interaction with employees to build trust, respect, and loyalty. From personal experiences and insightful research, Alyson breaks down practical, nitty-gritty applications that guide leaders on how to successfully navigate leader-employee relationships in the workplace on a daily basis.

Because of wisdom drawn from tough life experiences, Alyson radiates an unexpected perspective on personal and professional success. Her intuitive street smarts and ownership mindset help unlock exactly how to increase your emotional intelligence, become more resilient, and create your own success in today’s world.

Through her down-to-earth style, heartfelt stories, high-energy, and humor in keynotes and training sessions, she hits you in the heart, opens your mind, and pushes you forward. In the end, Alyson helps audiences know how to crush any goal — personal or professional!

Inspiring, Power-Packed Keynote Presentations
In Person & Virtual

  • Communication & Engagement

  • Leadership + Emotional Intelligence

  • Multi-Generational Workforce

  • High Performance Inspiration

Naughty by Nature: Connection.Is.Key

Perfect for: Executives, Senior Leadership, Mid-Level Managers, Emerging Leaders

Leaders are scrambling to understand how to lead radically diverse teams. Is there a practical solution? Absolutely! Here’s the struggle: we’re all naughty by nature. We instinctively think of ourselves first and most often.

But leading others starts with creating an authentic, selfless connection. A real connection creates permission for true leadership influence to begin. Change your nature to start breaking down barriers and get clear on how you can connect with anyone!

Learning Objectives

  • Clarify Where the Biggest Gap Exists Between You and Your People

  • Understand What Truly Precedes Your Ability to Influence & Lead Others

  • Learn the Keys to Making an Authentic Connection with People Different from You

  • Create a More Empathetic & Inclusive Individual Approach and Organizational Culture

You Got 99 Problems: Why Leading People is Your Biggest One

Perfect for:  New, Emerging or Seasoned Leaders

Experience in the trenches teaches knowledge and high-level skills education, but all the grit in the world never could. This funny, raw and real look behind the leaders’ curtain may be the eye-opener and kick in the pants you need to level up your leadership execution and results. After all, once you realize the power of your thoughts, the power of your words, and the power of your actions…everything can change.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Who, What, & Why You’re Leading

  • Uncover the Top Mistakes Leaders Unknowingly Make and How You Can Avoid Them

  • Usher In an Ownership Mindset to Ignite Your Leadership Success

Stories Not Statistics

Perfect for: Conferences, Pre-Conferences, Leadership Teams 

Leaders everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to lead, influence, and impact such generationally diverse people. It’s been a struggle for decades, and the challenge is ever more increasing! Is there a practical solution? Absolutely!

Creating a deep connection is the foundation for success — whether it’s between you and a customer, or you and a team member. To begin building an authentic connection with people of any generation, you must start with the stories, not just statistics. It’s in a person’s individual stories, we will find answers to exactly what motivates and drives them. Stories Not Statistics will reveal the only future-proof leadership success strategy!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the biggest mistake leaders make when engaging team members.
  • Gain clarity on the most valuable skill leaders need to own.
  • Break down the three stories every leader should “know and tell.”
  • Learn the process for getting people — team members, co-workers, and customers — to trust you enough to open up.

Lay Down the Law: An Opportunity to Get Real, Get Right, and Get Going!

Perfect for: Conferences, Kickoff Events, & Leadership Training

When forward progress has been stalled, this is the opportunity to move forward — with serious intention — to achieve the most important goals! But what’s the right next move?

Laying Down the Law is the leave-nothing-on-the-table process to change the way decisions are made and establish a laser-focus on exactly how to move forward in the best way. Buckle up…we’re going to get real, get right, and get going!

Learning Objectives:

  • Clarify Who Is Responsible for Individual & Organizational Success

  • Discover How “Laying Down the Law” Makes Decision Making So Much Easier

  • Learn the 3-Step, “Lay Down the Law” Approach for Individuals, Teams & Organizations

  • Improve Individual Confidence

  • Create a More Productive Culture

LEVEL UP: Elevate Your Game & Crush Your Goals

“LEVEL UP is a refreshing perspective from a wise beyond her years millennial who understands the value of personal accountability and being responsible for your own actions.”

~Jeffrey Kramer, Founder, Ascension Leadership Group

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Impactful, Memorable

I really enjoyed your presentation! It was impactful and memorable!

Cris P., SAICC

Relevant, Dynamic, Authentic

Alyson was extremely well-received, not only in the relevance of her remarks, but also in her dynamic, enthusiastic style…Her humor and authenticity carried the day!

Earnie B., Ethnics & Compliance Initiative

Captivating, Thought-Provoking, Highly Recommended

Alyson captivates your attention at word one! She interweaves entertaining anecdotes while providing thought-provoking concepts and actionable insights. Highly recommend!

Jen L., Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence™

Spot On, Relevant

Your presentation was spot on for our ‘McFamily’ and we were equally impressed with how well you showed the relevance to our great brand.

Joe McE., McDonalds