• Ask for Opportunity | Emerging Leaders (Part 2)

    Asking for an opportunity could be all it takes to open the next amazing door into the future you dream of.  Emerging millennial leaders, don’t let doubt hold you back! Learn how having the courage to ask for opportunity really works.

    Ask for Opportunity

    My fellow millennial, do you want that job or promotion to be yours?  Of course, you do! From my experience, sometimes you simply have to ask for opportunity to get opportunities.

    I had been in my management role a little over a year when the CEO asked me to do a succession plan for my department and report back to him with my suggestions.  Basically, I had to make a plan of who would take my position if I got promoted…or hit by a train, however you want to look at it.

    As I began to dig into the analytics of my department, what I already knew in my heart began to be spelled out in the numbers. I was smart enough to look around the organization, see how many people most managers supervise, see how many customers walked through my doors vs. other offices and compare these things to my current position within the organization.  These facts, plus knowing that I could contribute so much more to the team, brought me to an unsettling conclusion.

    There I was, newer employee, newer manager, and the data doesn’t support my position.  I didn’t want talk myself out of a job! What am I going to do?



    Because I wasn’t being used to my full potential, I asked myself, “how I could become a better asset to the organization while developing my own skills?”  I began to line out the weaknesses in our organization and line them up with the skills that I already possessed and the new skills I had the ability to learn.

    There was my answer.

    As I stood in the boardroom in front of senior management and presented the facts that showed there was no longer a need for my position, I watched as their faces turned from support to surprise.  I showed them no reason to keep my job.

    However, I went on to explain an important unmet need within the organization that I could and wanted to fill.  I explained how I needed to fill it because I had the best skill set within the organization. I closed the presentation asking for the new job.

    The room was silent.  I left them with no question unanswered.  

    We finished out the fiscal year by eliminating my current position and creating a new, more strategic role for me and my organization.  

    I found opportunity and I asked for opportunity.


    Opportunity Awaits You

    You control your success. What opportunity awaits you — there in plain sight, yours for the taking? More important, what opportunity will you ask for?

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