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exceeding customer expectations

Exceeding Customer Expectations Rock Star & Resort Style

Exceeding customer expectations isn’t reserved for rock stars and ultra-luxury resorts. When you repeatedly give customers more than they expect, you can count on loyal fans and five-star ratings!

employee engagement

Leaders Own Employee Engagement

Leaders have the massive power to crush employee engagement at any moment.  Your people need to know and feel confident that you have their back in every situation so they will feel free to go all in, try new things and make decisions on their own.  I was reminded of this recently when I talked

customer confidence

How to Build Customer Confidence: Routines Rule

Routines rule our lives — for good or for bad. At work, positive routines build customer confidence. But sometimes even good work habits can lead to bored, disinterested customer service responses. Here are 3 tips to help you redefine your routine job activities in order to find overlooked opportunities to serve your customers better!

boost sales and customer service

How to Boost Sales and Customer Service with 1 Question

Every company wants more sales and happier customers, right? They spend a lot of money on promotions and processes while overlooking an easier, cheaper approach. Here’s how to boost sales and customer service with one question. Check this out.


Give Your Ear, Get Employee Loyalty

Leaders, it is your responsibility to consistently push the envelope to drive increased performance– year after year– through your people.  To do that, you have to give your full attention ➡️intentionally.  You have to listen on purpose. When you give your ear, you will get increased employee loyalty.

how company policy hurts customer service

How Company Policy Hurts Customer Service

Some of the biggest customer service challenges organizations have to deal with are created by their own company policy. Here’s how company policy hurts customer service and what companies can do to avoid these challenges in the first place.

increase customer retention

Increase Customer Retention Rates

No matter your gender, generation or geography, there are a few things you can do every time you interact with a customer that will increase customer retention rates.  Check out these practical, actionable tips for you and your team to implement today!

how to define professionalism

How to Define Professionalism

There are a lot of people who value professionalism but there aren’t as many who practice professionalism. I often get asked, “Phil, what’s your definition of professionalism?” Even though there are many definitions to consider, how to define professionalism — for me — must focus on practical application. Here’s my definition.

woman in business

Be an Attractive Woman in Business

As a woman in business, external beauty may get you in the door, but internal beauty will be the stronghold that makes you successful there.  If you want the people on your team to be drawn to you as an influential leader, choose to develop the most attractive attribute for women in business.

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