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woman in business

Be an Attractive Woman in Business

As a woman in business, external beauty may get you in the door, but internal beauty will be the stronghold that makes you successful there.  If you want the people on your team to be drawn to you as an influential leader, choose to develop the most attractive attribute for women in business.

How to Discuss Poor Performance With an Employee

How to Discuss Poor Performance With an Employee

How to discuss poor performance with an employee — it’s one of the most challenging jobs for a supervisor or manager. I often get asked for guidance on how to handle this situation more effectively, therefore, I’m giving you four steps to reach a more productive outcome when talking with an employee about poor performance.

cavett award

Phil Van Hooser Honored with NSA’s Cavett Award

Some of you may have heard through the grapevine or seen social media postings from others my recent good news, but I wanted my friends, colleagues, clients and followers to hear it directly from me.

be more successful

Be More Successful

I am going to make an assumption about you — you want to be more successful.  That’s why you’re here.  While there are many things that can be done in order to be more successful, I am going to discuss two actions you can take starting today.

High Performance

High Performance Secrets

High performance secrets — when put into practice — will push you towards the professional success you are looking for.  I have had the privilege over the past 30 years to get to know hundreds of high performers across the country, across many different industries.  They all have a few things in common…I like to

love your job

Love Your Job

Love Your Job Human nature causes people to be drawn to activities that excite, inspire and fulfill them. However, we all know life and work are not always exciting, inspiring and fulfilling.  Sometimes you are called to rise above what you wish you could avoid completely.  Whether you love your job or not, all of

Speak Up

Before You Speak Up

I believe you can ignite your professional success when you boldly speak up.  But, no matter how incredible your presentation, product or proposition is, before you can get a seat at the table, your professional reputation has to get you through the door.


A Day In Agriculture

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Research and Education Center was and is a critical resource not only in western Kentucky, but the entire United States for animal science and crop science.  In 1973, I had my first “real” job at the UKREC.  I came off the farm so I understood

mistakes at work

Mistakes At Work: Rise Up from a Slip Up

 There is not a person out there who has never made mistakes at work — don’t let IG, Snapchat, or some other form of highlight reel deceive you.  It is encouraging though, that the most successful people are the ones who have likely made multiple mistakes along the way!  There is hope ?!  It is

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Willie’s Way by Phillip Van Hooser

Willie’s Way

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