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Elevate Performance image DATE: June 17, 2020

Need to elevate performance of the leaders in your workplace? This tool will help your leadership team elevate its game and achieve more.

Elevate Performance of Your Leadership Team!

Van Hooser Associates is excited to offer ANOTHER leadership tool for your team! And this one helps you elevate performance of the leaders in your workplace!

Alyson Van Hooser’s new book, LEVEL UP: Elevate Your Game & Crush Your Goals released on June 16, 2020. The book continues to climb the charts. And is currently at #24 on New Releases in the Motivational Management & Leadership and Business Motivation & Self Improvement categories on Amazon!

So you’re wondering what Alyson’s book is all about? And it’s a good question! Watch this.

Who Needs to Elevate Performance?

First, this book is written for those leaders looking to elevate their approach to performance and motivation.

And it’s also for the young professional entering the workforce with big dreams. The ones who want to know exactly what it takes to advance in their career.

Anyone who wants more out of life but just hasn’t been able to make the shift to take control of their future — LEVEL UP is for them!

LEVEL UP gives leaders at all levels valuable information and insights into raising their game. And ultimately, helps them break through barriers to crush goals!

Now, to elevate performance across your leadership team, get copies of LEVEL UP by contacting hello@vanhooser.com today!

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