Getting Along with Others to Earn Respect

Getting Along with Others Earns Respect

In the previous two posts, I discussed the first two ingredients for earning leadership respect: consistency and making quality decisions. Assuming you master the art of consistency and quality decision making, I will admit that you will be well on your way to earning the respect of virtually everyone you encounter. And in all candor, with those two out of the three under your belt, you will already be farther down the road than most people ever get. But I’m working for more than that.

Therefore, two out of three is simply not good enough. You’re not quite there yet. There’s still the issue of how leaders interact with others. Especially those who are different than us in some way. In this Leaders Ought to Know blog post, learn why getting along with others may be the most difficult hurdle leaders have to overcome to earn respect.

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Phillip Van Hooser
Author: Phillip Van Hooser
Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE is committed to helping organizations transform their business outcomes by building engaged employee relationships. He is an award-winning keynote speaker and author on leadership, service and communication. His popular book, “Willie's Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty” recently hit #1 in Customer Relations on the Kindle store. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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