How To Earn Respect | Part 1

How To Earn Respect | Part 1 image DATE: March 12, 2014

How to Earn Respect

I love biscuits made from scratch.  Luckily I grew up around excellent scratch biscuit makers. Admittedly, the ingredients my mother and grandmother relied on were basic staples found in virtually every kitchen: flour, salt, baking powder, milk and shortening.  However the artistry resided not in the ingredients, but in the skillful combination of those ingredients.

How to Earn Respect Using 3 Ingredients

I’ve discovered that how leaders earn respect is a lot like making biscuits.  Surprising as it may seem, being respected doesn’t require a wide range of ingredients.  In fact, I believe only three critical elements are required.  However, like any premier biscuit baker, knowing when and how to combine those basic ingredients will ultimately determine the difference between respect earned or opportunity squandered. Learn how leaders can earn respect using three elements and knowing how to combine those elements in this Leaders Ought to Know blog post.

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