How Can I Improve My Customer Service?

How Can I Improve My Customer Service? image DATE: October 1, 2019

If you’re wondering, “how can I improve my customer service performance?” here are three practical tips to help you deliver thoughtful, personalized service to customers.

3 Tips to Improve My Customer Service

#1 Listen to Customers

If I want to improve my customer service, my first tip is this — listen.

Listen better and especially listen when customers are complaining. A complaint is a symptom that a problem exists. A complaint isn’t an absolute guarantee a problem exists. But anytime a complaint occurs, it should be explored. Exploring it will determine if it is valid. And upon investigation, I’ve either verified the integrity of my customer service process or I’ve uncovered new opportunities to improve my customer service approach.

#2 Think Like Customers

Next, to improve my customer service performance, I have to think like my customers. A great way to understand what my customers want is by asking them good questions — questions that reveal not only what they’re thinking, but how they are feeling and what motivates them.

For example, If I’m in auto sales and my customer is looking to purchase a first car for his daughter, I might ask,

“Mr. Smith, since this will be your daughter’s first car, what specific options do you want included or omitted? How do you feel about hands-free technology or is roadside assistance important to you? If your daughter will be helping with the payment of the car, should we take a look at pre-owned models?”

Customers appreciate knowing their best interests are important to a service provider. And when I understand what my customers think and how they feel, I can more appropriately offer a personalized service plan rather than the usual, impersonal cookie-cutter approach.

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#3 Use Common Sense

Using common sense to improve my customer service is foundation of it all! In listening to customers and asking good questions, I learn what they want, need and expect. At that point, as a service professional, it becomes my responsibility to create a commonsense, strategic service approach that provides effective, profitable service.

Long term business success depends on how well I listen, how creatively I think and how I take commonsense action to improve my customer service every time!

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