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significant emotional event

Significant Emotional Event & The Impact on Your Employees

After the significant emotional event of COVID-19, employees coming back to work may feel and act differently. What should leaders be doing? Consider this.

call people out

Don’t Call People Out. Instead, Do This!

Many are quick to call people out. As a leader, every word you say matters. If you want your people to perform better, instead of calling people out, call them up…then watch them rise.

independence day

Independence Day Reflections

Independence Day Reflections It could be argued there has never been an Independence Day in American history like Independence Day 2020. America is feeling the constraints of a deadly virus unlike anything known to our generation. Economic turmoil is affecting businesses and workers throughout our land.  Political consensus and decorum have largely been abandoned in favor

elevate performance

Elevate Performance

Need to elevate performance of the leaders in your workplace? This tool will help your leadership team elevate its game and achieve more.

key to success

Key to Success

In previous posts, I shared two important elements of success: 1) knowledge with understanding and 2) skills with application. But I stated very clearly there are at least three elements necessary to success. Not one, not two, but three things an individual needs to realize his or her full potential as it relates to the

leaders must

Leaders Must S.E.E. Clearly

Everything rises and falls with leadership. Especially because of recent events, if you want yourself and your team to come out of this in a positive way, you have to S.E.E. clearly. If you’re wondering how to do that, I can help.

element of success

The Second Element of Success

In a recent post I responded to a question posed: “Does all this change we are going through change the formula for success?” I shared my belief that, regardless what changes around us, three elements of success will not change. The first element of success is knowledge — knowing and understanding your area of interest

elements of success

Elements of Success

In light of changes brought on by the coronavirus crisis, the most often-asked question I’ve gotten in recent days is this: “Does all this change success? I feel like I’ve been working toward a goal and I want desperately to be successful. But will all that is going on around us, how has that changed?”

feeling overwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed? Think About This!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? It’s time to flip the script and change your mindset. Here’s how.

Do your leaders and managers need some polish on their soft skills?