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remote workers

Leading Remote Workers

Leading “remote workers” or people working outside of the office is a challenge some may think is in the future, but it’s actually a growing trend now. A recent statistic says that 56% of global companies allow for remote workers. Even solopreneurs and small business owners like my company are working through the issue. So

kindness equals weakness

Kindness Equals Weakness is A Leadership Lie

When it comes to successful leadership, there are people who believe kindness equals weakness. So in order to be perceived as strong, some leaders are choosing to be forceful, extreme, or brutal in hopes to earn their seat at the table. Does that approach work? Let’s talk…

shut up or speak up

Shut Up or Speak Up, What Should I Do?

In a recent meeting of leaders, a person with a title and little common sense, chose to make another leader in the room look small. The harsh, unprovoked criticisms and the willingness to skirt decorum made for several tense moments. It got me thinking. When should a leader shut up or speak up? Here’s some

gratitude quotes

Gratitude Quotes

Gratitude Quotes “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” Gratitude quotes like this one by William Arthur Ward help us remember what Thanksgiving is all about! In a couple days, we will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our families. From the youngest to the oldest around our

leaders create problems for themselves

Leaders Create Problems for Themselves

I hear a lot of stories in the client events and leadership training programs I conduct. And regularly, employees share how their leaders create problems for themselves that are completely avoidable. Let’s take a look at two common leadership problems and what can be done to avoid them.

Generation Z

Generation Z: What Do I Do With My Life?

Generation Z is flooding the workforce. Many young people are coming up for air and feeling like something is missing. Because of this, I get questions all the time from Generation Z’s asking for career advice. Let’s talk about it….

you know who you are

Don’t Say ‘You Know Who You Are’

‘You know who you are’ is a phrase great leaders don’t say when addressing performance issues. The fallout from this phrase is significant, here’s why.

promoted to leader

Promoted to Leader — Now What?

You’ve gotten the call that you’ve been promoted to leader. Suddenly, everything changes.  There are obvious changes like a new title or maybe more money. However, the biggest change of all is increased responsibility. What should your first move be? Here are 3 actions to help you kickstart your leadership in the right direction.

devil's advocate

Use a Devil’s Advocate for Better Decisions

Want to get a decision right? Learn how using a devil’s advocate to vet critical decisions before finalizing and enacting them can help you make better decisions.

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