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you know who you are

Don’t Say ‘You Know Who You Are’

‘You know who you are’ is a phrase great leaders don’t say when addressing performance issues. The fallout from this phrase is significant, here’s why.

promoted to leader

Promoted to Leader — Now What?

You’ve gotten the call that you’ve been promoted to leader. Suddenly, everything changes.  There are obvious changes like a new title or maybe more money. However, the biggest change of all is increased responsibility. What should your first move be? Here are 3 actions to help you kickstart your leadership in the right direction.

devil's advocate

Use a Devil’s Advocate for Better Decisions

Want to get a decision right? Learn how using a devil’s advocate to vet critical decisions before finalizing and enacting them can help you make better decisions.

Gen Z

3 Reasons Gen Z Make Great Employees

Warning: I just read a New York Times article about Gen Z that set me on fire! Consider yourself warned. If you’re a leader who is dreading hiring more young employees, or if you are a leader dying to know if the next generation is going to bring anything good to the table, this message

performance issues

When to Address Performance Issues

Leaders can’t always pick the perfect time to address critical performance issues with an employee, so sometimes sensitivity and timeliness are at odds. So when is the right time to address performance issues? Good question. Let’s talk about it.

grey's anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Leadership Lesson

Grey’s Anatomy has been my guilty pleasure since it first aired in 2005. I have always loved Grey…and McDreamy…and now even DeLuca, but today I want to take a look at Jo. I am a keynote speaker, trainer, and (soon to be) author on leadership and in Season 16  Jo perfectly played out leadership principles

compelling reason to act

One Compelling Reason to Act

There’s a sobering truth about change that all leaders need to know. It’s one the really great leaders will act on. When other leaders are prone to vacillate, it could be your compelling reason to act. Read on.

influence equals power

Influence Equals Power

Leading a diverse workforce to massive success can feel really difficult sometimes, right? I want you to know that you are not alone, and I am going to help you ignite your bottom-line business results. In today’s world, influence equals power. To harness your power to drive profits through your people, let’s talk about practical,

managing confrontation

Managing Confrontation: How to Make a Bad Situation Better

Knowing how to successfully manage confrontation is a skill that all leaders need in their toolkit. So if you’ve been avoiding confrontation for fear of doing more harm than good, read on. These steps to managing confrontation will help you more effectively resolve those uncomfortable situations.

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