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recruit and retain employees

1 Question to Better Recruit and Retain Employees

Most organizations are scrambling trying to figure out how to better recruit and retain employees. What’s the answer? I’ll shoot you straight as always — a quick-fix solution doesn’t exist here. However, I do have one question you should start asking that will automatically shift your trajectory toward greater success.

make great decisions

One Habit to Consistently Make Great Decisions

Hey leaders, managers, moms, dads, teachers, coaches — whoever you are, whenever you’re struggling to make great decisions… If you want to make great decisions consistently, here’s one habit you should be practicing. Here’s a story to illustrate the point.

gen z

3 Gen Z Perspectives Leaders Need to Know

Leaders, buckle up! There’s a new generation in town — Gen Z! I’ve read the research, the books, listened to the podcasts, watched videos, and talked to Gen Z themselves. Today I’m sharing with you 3 perspectives you need to know as you lead Gen Z.

build employee relationships

4 Questions Smart Leaders Ask to Build Employee Relationships

If you lead others and want to take your success (and that of your organization) to the next level, knowing how to build employee relationships is critical. I’m talking about engaged, honest, productive employee relationships. But often, leaders are too afraid to ask an employee’s opinion of the leader’s performance. If you really want to

do at work

63 Things People Wish You’d Do At Work

There’s a really fine line we all should walk when it comes to pleasing people. #1 You should never compromise your integrity. #2 You shouldn’t obsess over making everyone happy. However, when it comes to work, if there are some things you can easily start or stop doing in order to elevate yourself in the

decision making tools

Decision Making Tools I Learned from Umpire School

Decision making tools or processes don’t seem to get taught very much. But knowing how to make good decisions is so critical to every aspect of our lives. Here are five decision making tools I learned from professional umpire school 40 years ago. I’ve applied these five lessons of decision-making to virtually every decision I’ve


2019 Wrap

Hey Gang! This is Phil Van Hooser! I’m in Denver International Airport. And just a few minutes from now, I’ll be boarding a flight back to Nashville. I was just working earlier today up the road in Fort Collins, Colorado with Larimer County — they were wonderful! We had managers, supervisors, leaders of all stripes


Fanatical About Empowerment

When leaders are fanatical about empowerment, companies can unlock the option to achieve unprecedented success. Even with the promise of better results, many leaders still do not empower their team. Why? Let’s talk.

managing remote employees

Managing Remote Employees: Tools to Help

Managing remote employees is tough. Here’s a tool that will help you stay connected with the remote employees you’re managing and stay on top of how they are performing.

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