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know my name

Do You Even Know My Name?

If we’re honest, we often find a “people issue” at the root of many of our work problems. Sometimes it’s caused by something as simple as being unable to respond to the question: “Do you even know my name?” If a leader can’t get the answer right, it could be the best place to start.

leadership legos

Legos, Leadership, and Leveling Up

It’s not a bad idea for leadership to involve employees in hopes that they will increase their knowledge, become more invested in the work, and overall become a stronger asset for the team. But, involvement is only half of the solution that will earn you those results you want. What leaders must do is both

intentional leaders

Intentional Leaders Steer Where They Stare

Several years ago, I took a motorcycle safety class. During the course, the instructor made a statement that applies not only to successfully riding a bike but also to successfully leading. The instructor said, “When you get on the bike, remember this: you will steer where you stare.” The same is true for intentional leaders.


Talk Business To Me, Baby! — Communication Tip for Leaders

Talk Business To Me, Baby! — Communication Tip for Leaders One-on-one time with my husband the other night didn’t quite turn out the way I originally thought it would. Joe and I have four kids, including a newborn, so sleep is often hard to come by. And adult alone time? Well, we’re in this wild

empowering people

Empowering People: How Far is Too Far?

I get this question a lot… So Phil, when you talk about empowering people, aren’t you really suggesting we’re giving them free rein? The short answer is “no,” — I’m not saying that at all. In fact, I don’t think most organizations ever have to worry about going too far when empowering people. Early in

share your gratitude

What, How & Who to Share Your Gratitude

When you share your gratitude with someone, you strengthen the connection with them. When leaders connect with employees, the deeper connection leads to more trust, respect, and loyalty to one another. The key to sharing your gratitude with your people is simple — be sincere and be specific. Here’s the what, how & who when it comes

poor performing employee

Motivate or Terminate Poor Performing Employees? 7 Questions for Leaders

Do you have a poor performing employee? These 7 questions will help you know if it’s time to motivate or terminate the employee. Let’s dig in!

consider leadership

Consider Leadership from Two Viewpoints

To be the best, leaders shouldn’t think they’ve arrived. Instead, they should evaluate their leadership effectiveness from where their people want them to be. Let’s consider leadership from two different viewpoints.

most important question a leader can ask

Most Important Question a Leader Can Ask

Leadership credibility is hard enough to come by. And an indifferent attitude toward employees can be the kiss of death. So how can leaders counteract indifference? Here’s an example to illustrate what I believe is the most important question a leader can ask to combat indifference and build employee engagement.

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