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diverse teams at work

How To Lead Diverse Teams At Work

Incredible leaders of diverse teams at work need to understand the stories from their people, not just the statistics about them. There are answers in their stories that you’ll never get from statistics alone. Let’s dig into the information you need to make the best decisions when it comes to engaging your people.

you know what I mean

You Know What I Mean: The 1 Assumption That Hurts Communication

“You Know What I Mean…” The Assumption That Hurts Communication “While I didn’t actually explain that, I’m sure you know what I mean…” How many times have you heard something like that statement? More importantly, how many times have you said or thought it? Unless you’re communicating with a certified mind reader, believing a person

lay down the law

Should You Lay Down the Law with Employees?

To Lay Down the Law means to help dream and set goals with your people. Because today’s workforce is looking for leadership that helps them achieve their personal and professional goals, leaders who successfully do that experience engaged teams, great culture, high performance, and more. Leaders who don’t successfully don’t set goals with their employees

brutally honest

When Honest Leadership Goes Too Far

Honest Leader? Yes! Brutally Honest? Not So Much. If you conducted a poll of average employees and asked them the essential traits they want in their leaders, what would the response be? Never mind their demographic data, the industry they work in or their level of experience. What would they say? I predict, overwhelmingly, employees

emotional response

How Leaders Can Predict Employee’s Emotional Response

Your leadership success depends on how well you predict, prepare and address the emotional response from your people. Because of today’s diverse workforce, let’s discuss factors that can contribute to the emotional response your people might have to your leadership so you both can be more successful.

external motivation

Why External Motivation, Cash, Promises or Punishment Won’t Motivate Your Employees

If you or your organization have been relying on external motivation to keep your employees engaged and satisfied, I encourage you to reconsider your thinking. Here’s the truth: External motivation does work. Using external motivators — like more money, coveted promotions, threats of punishment or implied promises of good things to come — does change

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the X-Factor

I think you would do this, but tell me if I’m wrong. If an employee came to you and legitimately asked for specific training to help them better understand how to use the company intranet, understand the policies better, or improve their technical skills — you would probably do everything you could to make sure

disengaged at work

Disengaged at Work? 1 Sure Sign Bosses Should Look For

In my work, I talk to a lot of managers and supervisors who are, let’s say, a bit frustrated that they have employees who are disengaged at work. Employees just aren’t doing what is expected of them or what is asked of them. And managers and supervisors don’t know why. Employees become disengaged at work

heightened risk

Heightened Risk Leaders Must Address

I’m waving the red flag to you, leader. With the culture of today’s workforce rapidly changing, there’s heightened risk you have to address. Is it a new risk? No. Is it a new risk? Yes. Did you read that right? Yes. Ha! Don’t be late to the game. Don’t be the reactor, be proactive. Let’s

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