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best suited team members

Most Qualified vs. Best Suited Team Members?

Everyday, business owners and leaders in all kinds of industries are responsible for recruiting and hiring new team members. Making a good match is critical because it impacts multiple aspects of business and performance. So it’s easy to get confused as to whether you should hire the best suited team members or the ones most

difficult employee

Difficult Employee? Try These 3 Actions

Have a difficult employee driving a wedge between you, other employees, and even customers? These three leadership actions can help turn performance around.

say yes

Say Yes: An Overlooked Success Strategy

Most people want to be reasonably successful however they might define it. A lot of people are well on their way while some are struggling for strategies to help them succeed. Sometimes the most effective approach is right under our nose, hiding in plain sight. We’ve just disregarded it or intentionally overlooked it. This one

3 Tips to Build Confidence

In order for you to build your confidence, you have to take correct, calculated, and consistent action. What actions should you take? Here are three practical tips!

leadership vision

Leadership Vision: 4 Steps to Create Yours

I often ask clients and audience members to share leadership  traits they value. Predictably, many mention leadership vision. And rightfully so. The dictionary defines vision as, “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom.” Certainly, thinking, planning, imagination and wisdom are valuable characteristics for leaders. Yet, for me, a second,

van hooser leadership development

Wow Them with Your Weakness

Many leaders still believe in the never let them see you sweat mentality. And there are situations where I’d agree. But, at other times, it could be a leader’s vulnerability that starts the shift toward progress in an organization.

leadership flaws

6 Inexcusable Leadership Flaws

We have a whole section in our leadership development training we call “unpardonable sins of leadership.” These leadership flaws are the actions and attributes that so obviously hamper good leadership that many people find them inexcusable. Take a couple minutes and do a self-check, your leadership reputation is worth it.

stories leaders need

3 Stories Leaders Need to Know About Employees

Stories unlock answers to challenges leaders must overcome. To hire the right people, get them to stay, and continue to perform above expectations, start by learning these three stories leaders need to know about employees.

effective communication

Effective Communication Hard for You? Try This.

George Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying, The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” I think he has a point. Families, friendships, businesses — even nations — live and grow on effective communication. So why is it so hard? And what can you do to be sure you

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