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Feeling Overwhelmed? Think About This!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? It’s time to flip the script and change your mindset. Here’s how.

leadership of a higher order

Leadership of a Higher Order

I’ve long defined leadership as a person’s ability to offer service and their willingness to take action on behalf of others. But there is leadership — and love — of a higher order.


The Overlooked Truth of Change

There is a truth about change that often gets disregarded or altogether missed. Sure, change brings unexpected problems. That’s where most of us want to focus. And since the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve all experienced multiple unexpected difficulties. But the most successful leaders among us focus on something quite different. These folks understand, prepare for —

marie kondo

“Marie Kondo” Your Work Life

Marie Kondo taught the world to get organized at home. Could some of her concepts work at work? I think, yes!

work from home productivity

Two Ways to Check Work from Home Productivity

Just last week I had an exchange with a colleague asking my take on how to check an employee’s work from home productivity. Jerry wrote, “I’m fielding a new question from my clients who now have a WFH workforce and…one of their first questions is, ‘How do I know my people are working from home?’”

Results-Driven Action

3 Cs for Results-Driven Action

Be one of the few people that achieve success by following the 3 Cs of results-driven action as you navigate your everyday personal and professional life.

intentional leader

Questions to Guide an Intentional Leader

Are you just an accidental or incidental leader? Neither is a good long-term leadership strategy. So if you’re looking to be more purposeful, here are 3 strategic questions to guide you to be an intentional leader.

strategic planning process

Blind Spots in Step 1 of Your Strategic Planning Process

To successfully complete the strategic planning process, you need ALL the information. Use this tip to help uncover information hiding in plain sight.

coping with stress

Coping with Stress? Take the 7 Question Test

Four times in the next two weeks, I’ll be talking with business clients about coping with stress, fear and managing change. These are some very real and difficult challenges for all of us. But especially for leaders. Leaders not only have to deal with their own personal reactions to change, fear and stress. They also

Do your leaders and managers need some polish on their soft skills?