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social distancing

How to Feel Better While Social Distancing

If you’re like me, you may be feeling a little down from the reality of social distancing. Here is one lesson and three ways to feel better during the COVID 19 crisis.

gen z workforce

Quarantine Effects on Gen Z Workforce

I have no doubt that the COVID-19 quarantine is going to have everlasting effects on the Gen Z workforce. Right now they are in some of the most formative years of their life. I am a student of generations and how they show up in the workplace, so my mind is already thinking about how

intentional leadership

3 Don’ts of Intentional Leadership

During COVID 19 or any other crisis, leaders must lead more intentionally than ever. Here are 3 things that hinder intentional leadership. Check yourself.

encouragement for leaders

Encouragement for Leaders in Crisis Mode

Encouragement for Leaders in Crisis Mode Ideas for Navigating the COVID 19 Chaos As a leader in your organization, your top priority must be to create some sense of order out of the chaos that COVID 19 is creating. It is an uncertain, likely overwhelming responsibility. To encourage you — the leader — as you’re

lower stress

Lower Stress Levels for You & Your Employees

Tensions are high and rumors are running rampant, let’s lower stress levels for you and your employees. Here are 6 practical ways to make that happen.

workplace experience

Younger Employees are 20x More Likely to Stay If They Have This

In doing some professional research recently, I stumbled upon an article that referred to a Gallup study with some interesting findings. The article said the demographic of 21 to 37 year old employees are 20 times more likely to stay and not change jobs if they have they have this one thing. As someone who

gen z statistics

13 Gen Z Statistics for Leaders

So much is and will be changing in the workplace over the next several years. Here are 13 Gen Z statistics to help you prepare!

dissatisfied employees

Dissatisfied Employees Will Do This, You Can Predict It

Life is not perfect. From time to time, every leader is going to have some dissatisfied employees. So leaders, you need to be fully aware of the predictable behaviors that will occur when one of your employees is dissatisfied. You won’t be able to predict with certainty the order in which these behaviors will surface.

building trust

Building Trust With Multi-Generation Teams

Building trust among your multi-generation team is absolutely necessary in order to be successful in today’s world. Here are 3 interactions to get started!

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