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Leadership Keynote Speaker, Trusted Advisor Helping Leaders Get Ready for What’s Ahead!

Phil Van Hooser has one driving mission as a leadership keynote speaker and trusted advisor to major U.S. companies and organizations. Ensure leaders are equipped and ready for the opportunities and challenges that undoubtedly await them. 

For 30+ years, Phil has been showing leaders and managers how to plan, communicate and execute their responsibilities — especially in challenging situations — while engaging and empowering the people they lead. 

From the relatable, relevant illustrations and commonsense practices Phil uses, thousands of leaders in hundreds of organizations have uncovered the real meaning of engaged leadership.

And in the process, they have discovered an arsenal of skills enabling them to rise up and effectively lead even through uncharted circumstances.

These leaders and organizations trust Phil Van Hooser’s guidance so much, two-thirds have used him time and time again.

Relatable Experiences, Masterful Stories & Practical Lessons

Phil’s relatable experiences, practical applications, and masterful use of a story inspires and guides leaders to:

  • Forge employee relationships built on integrity and honesty
  • Empower people to grow and achieve their potential
  • Communicate to catch vision and diffuse drama
  • Engage the untapped creativity of their teams 
  • Foster a mindset to embrace change and
  • Commit to a culture of teamwork and trust.

leadership keynote speakerAudiences quickly see themselves in the relevant stories and real-world illustrations that pepper Phil Van Hooser’s presentations. He has them quickly shaking their heads in agreement and reflecting on their own journey.

Why? Because Phil understands what they are going through — he has lived it himself.

His FORTUNE 500 experience in high-pressure roles gave him a front row seat to example after example of leadership approaches that inspired achievement… and the ones that did anything but.

From these stories, Phil pulls practical lessons that emphasize the impact high-performance leadership has on culture, retention and productivity.

Organizations and teams committed to building a culture of high performance trust Phillip Van Hooser. You can too!

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Value-Packed In Person & Virtual Keynotes for Corporate Meetings & Conferences

Ground Rules for Leaders

“Power in an unprepared manager’s hand is like giving him or her a scalpel and saying, ‘Do surgery on your people.’ Risky.”

Your leaders are feeling the pressure to perform. Because of this, emerging leaders, mid level managers and executives need to be taught the essentials for skillful, effective leadership.

Drawn from his popular book, Leaders Ought to Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership, Phil unveils strategies to propel new and senior managers into respected, integrity-based leaders! Leaders with staying power. And leaders who can perform at ever increasing levels of responsibility!

Then as these leadership strategies are practiced consistently, leaders start to to:

  • Motivate — not manipulate — to get results
  • Communicate with honesty, integrity and confidentiality
  • Earn the respect of those they lead
  • Manage fear and control emotions
  • Embrace accountability and accept greater responsibility!

This program is perfect for:

  • ​New managers, emerging leaders and high potentials transitioning to leadership
  • Managers struggling with key soft skills like communication
  • Leadership teams preparing for succession or culture change
  • And Millennials or Gen Z leading those senior to them

We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

“Leaders who find it hard to listen, often find it hardest to lead.”

From the frontline to the C-suite, communication impacts all facets of business operations. As a result, sales, customer and employee relationships, productivity, cost reduction and profitability can all be improved with better communication!

This presentation is for anyone needing help with the number 1 soft skill — communication skills. Based on his book by the same title, Phil reveals six commonsense strategies that will immediately improve communication results.

And when these skills are applied to their own enterprises, then business owners, managers and front line staff understand how to:

  • Improve business relationships through listening skills.
  • Rein in “brutal honesty,” and deliver difficult, sensitive messages with tact.
  • Rebuild believability when truthfulness hasn’t always been practiced.
  • Reduce conflict, build trust.
  • And improve team and customer relations!

This program is perfect for:

  • ​All staff levels.
  • Customer service teams.
  • Managers and teams struggling with conflict or confrontation issues.
  • And new managers, emerging leaders and high potentials transitioning to leadership.

Motivating Managers, Multi-Gens & Misfits

Funny title, but it’s a serious topic. More than any other issue, leaders struggle with how to motivate employee performance. Yes, the performance of younger generation employees, but also the performance of all employee groups. 

Whether you’re working with Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen X, or up-and-coming Gen Z, Phillip Van Hooser’s approach will help you motivate individual employee performance long-term.

  • Learn the communication secrets that work with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials or Gen Z
  • Learn two motivational truths that apply to all generational groups
  • Identify five clues to any employee’s level of motivation
  • Explore methods to discover what really motivates each employee

This program is perfect for:

  • All organizational levels
  • Those managing and leading Millennial and Gen Z 
  • New managers, emerging leaders and those leading employees senior to them
  • Leaders and managers of organizations implementing transition and succession plans

Professionalism Is a Choice

“Successful people choose to do the things unsuccessful people could have done — should have done — but consciously chose not to do.”

Each day employees, managers and executives make choices that either say, “I am a professional” or “I think I am good enough to get by.”

The “good enough” mentality depletes money, market share and reputation every day. If you want to set your company apart, you’ll want to embed these professional choices and solid service practices into your organization’s culture!

Set your organization ahead of the competition by learning:

  • How to solve problems rather than assign blame
  • Why integrity and reputation cannot be compromised and how to protect them
  • How to reverse the negative behaviors of whining and whispering
  • 12 practical choices that build professional image and impact the bottom line
  • How to redefine your routine to make the ordinary extraordinary, and
  • How to make the last few seconds the most impactful.

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Leaders at all organizational levels
  • New managers, emerging leaders and high potentials transitioning to leadership
  • Sales and customer service teams

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Keys to Lead Change, Transition and Transformation

“Trying not to change is like trying not to breathe — if you succeed, you die.”

Leaders at every organizational level know change is inevitable and never-ending. It’s an all-encompassing reality that doesn’t go away. For those leading the charge, future success rides on a sound approach to embrace change, guide transition and energize transformation.

For organizations seeking the best outcome, this keynote is a realistic look at successfully managing change. It is drawn from Phil’s professional experiences spanning four decades of work with hundreds of organizations, large and small.  And thousands of leaders — prepared and struggling — during extended periods of change, transition and transformation — including his own!

For leaders, this presentation will reveal the real world lessons for successful change, transition and transformation including:

  • The characteristics of change that impact your organization
  • 4 truths impacting change for your people
  • The relationship between change and transition
  • Key steps to successfully lead transformation

This program is perfect for:

  • All staff levels
  • Leaders charged with guiding people, projects and processes through organizational change

It’s Your Call: Tools & Rules for Big League Decision Making

“When the vision is clear, decisions are always easier.”

Leaders don’t generally intend to make poor decisions. Leaders struggle with decision making for one primary reason — they’ve never learned a solid process for smart decision making. It’s Your Call: Tools & Rules for Big League Decision Making will show you and your team how to take the lead in making smart decisions.

From Phil’s training at Wendelstedt’s Professional Umpire School, his work in Employee Relations, Human Resources / Safety, and his experience as a leadership training expert for top U.S. companies, you will:

  • Discover the importance of having the necessary – but seldom taught — tools for decision making
  • Get tips for avoiding “heat of the moment,” disastrous decisions
  • Assess your understanding of the written — and unwritten — rules for smart decisions
  • Learn a step-by-step process for making better decisions
  • Understand the factors affecting how and when to make “the call”

This program is perfect for:

  • New managers, emerging leaders and high potentials transitioning into leadership
  • Leaders and managers in safety / security roles
  • Decision makers at all organizational levels

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