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  • It's Your Call: Universal Rules for Big League Decision Making

    "When the vision is clear, the decisions are always easier."

    There’s no off season when it comes to making good, safe decisions. Yet, few professionals ever focus on mastering the art of effective decision making. As a professionally trained baseball umpire, Phillip Van Hooser utilizes “lessons from the diamond” to highlight and emphasize a well-informed model for smart, safe decision making.

    • Tools & Rules for Safety Performance
    • Positioning & Timing for Effective Safety Decisions
    • Committing to "Making the Safety Call"

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    The Triangle of Safety Success

    "Knowledge and skill are important, but personal commitment means the difference between success and failure."

    The pursuit of personal, professional and safety success should never be mutually exclusive. Desired success in one area of life should support successes in other areas as well. Phillip Van Hooser unveils a universal outline for success that applies at every level of the safety process. Learn three important elements that impact a successful safety attitude.

    • 3 Elements of Safety Success
    • The Pitfalls of a Negative Attitude
    • The Cornerstones of a Winning Attitude

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  • Professionalism Is a Choice

    "Professionalism is the advanced level at which select people perform their everyday responsibilities."

    Consistent safety awareness and professionalism should be the end goal of everything we do in our jobs. Learn how personal commitment supports, advances and maintains an unwavering culture of safety professionalism and performance in every job, in every organization.

    • Professionalism Defined
    • Expectations of Professionals
    • 12 Personal Commitments Every Professional Should Make

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    Partial Client List

    Other safety professionals know the value of Phil Van Hooser's safety leadership message!

    • Alliance Coal
    • Arvin Replacement Products Group
    • Carolina Associated General Contractors
    • City of Springfield (MO) Utilities
    • Disaster Recovery Journal
    • ExxonMobil Pipeline
    • Farm Equipment Manufacturers Assn
    • International Linemen's Rodeo
    • Kansas Safety and Health Council
    • Oklahoma Ready Mix Concrete Assn
    • Tennessee Valley Public Power Assn
    • Westar Energy

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