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Leadership Management Training for the Best Performance Results

Leadership Management Training that Expands Leadership Skills,  Empowers Team Performance & Solves Real Work-World Issues

Everything we do in our leadership management training is to help your leaders, managers and teams deliver their best performance results.

The leadership management training, service and communication concepts we present in the training room must work where you apply them — in the front office, on the shop floor, in the board room — in the situations and circumstances where performance and results matter most.

You have our commitment: If it doesn’t work “out there,” we won’t present it “in here.”

Companies that increase their number of talented managers and engaged employees achieve HIGHER EARNINGS PER SHARE than their competitors.

Gallup, 2012

Leadership Management Training

Gain lasting credibility with decision makers, customers and collaborators by preparing and presenting ideas the right way!

Content may include:

  • Establishing the Connection
    The 6-Step Communication Model
  • Listening to Learn
    2 Primary Areas of Concern
    3 Powerful Listening Techniques
  • Earning the Right to be Heard
    2 Fundamental Assumptions
    2 Foundational Objectives
    3-Sentence Opening Statement
  • Anticipating and Preparing for 5 Critical Questions

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Drive organizational goals and performance standards with increased strategic awareness.

Content may include:

  • Fundamental Expectations
    4 Primary Supervisory / Management Functions
    4 Primary Resources to be Managed
    7 Management Critical Considerations
  • The Art of Planning
    2 Approaches to Planning
    9 Steps in the Planning Process
  • The Art of Organizing
    7 Criteria for Effective Objectives
  • The Art of Directing
    What, When and How to Delegate
  • The Art of Controlling
    2 Types of Organizational Controls
    3 Key Steps in an Effective Control Process

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Propel team performance by developing an intentional, influential approach to leadership, service and empowerment.

Content may include:

  • Leadership Defined
    3 Basic Assumptions
    Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  • Evolving Leadership Styles
    2 Types of Authority
    The Essence of Power in Practice
    Predictable Emotional Responses
  • Coaching, Counseling and Empowering
    The Essence of Empowerment in Practice
    6 Levels of Empowerment

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Reduce the unnecessary risks and costs of untrained leaders: what leaders ought to know, what leaders ought to do – and what leaders ought NEVER to do.

Content may include:

  • Preparing for Professional Transition
    The Triangle of Success
    The Circle of Expertise
    The Sphere of Engagement
  • 10 Cardinal Sins of Leadership
  • 10 Commandments for Leaders
  • The Value of “Dumb Questions”

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Transforming People & Performance

Empower and improve employee performance by getting to know what drives and motivates New Breed employees.

Content may include:

  • Leading the “New Breed”
    Characteristics of the “New Breed”
    Millennials, Gen Z and Motivation
  • The Philosophy of Motivation
    The “Needs Theory” of Motivation
    The “2-Factor Theory” of Motivation
    The “Reinforcement Theory” of Motivation
  • The Nature of Human Nature
    2 Types of Motivation
    Common Organizational Motivators
    2 Motivational Truths
    3 Methods for Identifying Individual Needs
    5 Common Behavior Patterns of People

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Increase innovation and operating outcomes by moving teams from conflict and confrontation to creative collaboration.

Content may include:

  • Recognizing the Difference
    Groups, Mobs and Teams
    Team Building Defined
    Coming to Grips with the 5 Cs of Team Building
  • Overcoming the Barriers of Confrontation
    Practical Steps for Managing Confrontations
  • Recognizing Team Building Challenges
    Indications of Existing Team Problems
    Indications of Existing Leadership Problems
    Anticipating Team Building Concerns

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Capture competitive leadership advantage by assuring high quality decisions, effective change management and minimized personal stress.

Content may include:

  • The Challenges of Change
    2 Truths Impacting Change
    4 Fear-Based Facts
    4 Universal Fears
  • The Challenges of Decision Making
    3 Elements of Risk in Decision Making
    2 Professional Considerations
    4 Decision Making “Brainstorming” Questions
    4 Decision Making “Progress” Questions
    5 Bases for Decision Making Success

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Build loyalty, goodwill and bottom line results with a renewed commitment to practical service excellence and professionalism.

Content may include:

  • Professionalism in Practice
    Professionalism Defined
    5 Steps to Build Trust
    The Art of the Apology
  • Managing Attitudes
    5 Pitfalls of a Losing Attitude
    5 Cornerstones of a Winning Attitude
    12 Commitments to Maximize Personal and Professional Impact

3.5 Hour Onsite Training Session
Optimal Class Size: 25

Key Features

Customized Content

Strategic, Commonsense Skills

Face-to-face Training for High Engagement

Small Group Size for Greater Interaction

Who Benefits

Team Leads

New Managers, Emerging Leaders

Supervisors, Managers

Directors, Executives

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