Expand Leadership Talent. Empower Team Performance. Improve Operating Results.

Get Essential Skills to Drive Results

  • Influential Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Impactful Communication
  • Motivating Cross-Generations
  • Collaborative Team Building
  • Preparing for Change
  • Professional Customer Service
Phil Leadership Lecture

Concerned Your Team's Leadership Skills Are Lacking?

Is Your Organization At Risk, Vulnerable, Needing a Plan?

Unprepared leaders at any level pose great risk to an organization. Economic risk. Competitive risk. Legal risk. Innovation risk. Reputational risk.

Can you really afford to leave your business vulnerable?

From 35+ years of corporate management and leadership training experience, Phil Van Hooser has developed and delivers professional development training to help you:

✔ Reduce the very real risks posed by unprepared leaders;

✔ Increase the depth and strength of your leadership team;

✔ Improve operating performance and

✔ Achieve your organization's goals.

Achieve the Results You Want with Trusted Professional Development.

Strategies to Earn the Right to be Heard

  • Gain lasting credibility with decision makers, customers and collaborators by proposing ideas the right way!

The Foundation for Management Success

  • Achieve organizational goals and performance standards with increased strategic awareness.

Developing an Influential Leadership Style

  • Propel team performance through an influential approach to leadership, service and empowerment.

Ground Rules Leaders Ought to Know

  • Reduce the unnecessary risks and costs of untrained leaders -- what you ought to know, ought to do – and not do.
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Phil Lecture Image

Motivating Managers, Millennials & Misfits

  • Empower and improve employee performance when you get to know the New Breed and what motivates them.

Building Work Teams that Work

  • Increase innovation and operating outcomes by moving teams from conflict and confrontation to creative collaboration.

Capitalizing on Leadership Challenges

  • Capture competitive advantage by making high quality decisions, embracing change and minimizing stress.

Secrets to Influential Service & Professionalism

  • Build loyalty, goodwill and bottom-line results with a renewed commitment to service excellence and professionalism.

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A Few Of Our Successes

  • “Phil Van Hooser is the best received speaker in the ten years of our Supervisor Leadership training.”

    - Westar Energy
  • "Seldom does one see a presenter that captivates an audience after three hours so well, and our team was ready for another three hours when he finished. Great speaker, Phil is entertaining and provides real meat... "

    - The Andersons
  • "Valuable lessons for life including personal and professional development. Common sense approach that relates to real life situations. Lots of fun also! "

    - Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC
  • "Phil is the only leadership trainer/speaker at our annual leadership meeting that we have invited to come back to speak a 2nd time."

    - CORE
  • "Phillip Is a captivating, deep keynote speaker and educator of leaders. He has great insight into how leaders should behave in today's business climate. "

    - Lockheed Martin
  • "Phil's clarity of the leadership concept in his presentation is the best out there. The results are that the participants actually use the information as leaders at a much higher level than from any other I have experienced. That result is to the bottom line. He is a key resource in executing our growth strategy. "

    - Dwyer
  • "Phil received the highest customer satisfaction ratings we've seen from our membership program. We have hired him multiple times and wouldn't hesitate to use him directly with our clients on leadership, management or any type of communication issues."

    - Techsolve
  • Phil has the gift and talent of connecting with his audience through humor, storytelling and personalization. It is very evident that he loves his work and believes, practices what he teaches.

    - Coca-Cola Credit Union