“Marie Kondo” Your Work Life

“Marie Kondo” Your Work Life image DATE: May 8, 2020

Marie Kondo taught the world to get organized at home. Could some of her concepts work at work? I think, yes!

“Marie Kondo” Your Work Life

Right now, you’ve probably been thrust into a season of change when it comes to work, for some – the season is chaos! Juggling full-time work (now from home), homeschooling your kid(s) That’s almost over because of summer right? ;), your kitchen has become a cafeteria, there’s no time for a break, maybe you’re leaving work and coming home to it all, etc.. Chaos. Is that you? Here’s what I know: Chaos brings stress and stress decreases performance.

Now more than ever, to make sure you’re successful in this new work environment, you need to intentionally “spark joy” (as Marie Kondo would say) into your life.  Here are 3 ways to help eliminate stress and create a more joyful workday!

1-Clean Out Your Tasks

Just as if you were cleaning out your closet, I want you to clean out your tasks.

Whether you’re at home or in the office these days, eliminating unimportant tasks will feel like a weight lifted off your shoulder. Take time (even if you have to get up extra early one morning so you have a minute to yourself) to look at everything you’re doing. As yourself these three questions:

1-What can you take off your plate?

2-What doesn’t HAVE to be done during this season?

3- What could someone else easily take care of?

After you have your answers, eliminate the unimportant stuff! This may require you to have an intentional conversation with your boss, your employees, your spouse, your kids, etc. But in the end, it’ll help you keep your sanity…and that’s worth it’s weight in gold!

2-Organize Your Day

Just like Marie Kondo taught you to intricately fold shirts and pants, the same principle needs to be put in place for your daily schedule – intricately schedule your day.

A well-communicated schedule will make a night-and-day difference to your stress level. Whether you’re working from home all day or still in the creating a set schedule will help you be more efficient and eliminate stress.

I have been making “Nothing Before…” lists. So, no matter what comes, I decide to do nothing before [insert a time] – you can pick whatever time works for you each day. When I decide to organize my day this way, I make sure that I am not distracted by things that aren’t helping me be more productive. For example, I’m working from home with three kids right now. If I have three important work tasks that need to be completed that day, they are the first priority…long before I waste time cooking a second breakfast for my kids 😂, work on something else I may enjoy more, answer texts, calls, and emails that can wait, etc.

Organize your day by making a “nothing before..” list. Once you knock that out of the park, do it again for later in the day. You will intentionally eliminate wasted time in your day and keep your tasks organized. An organized closet makes you feel good and so does an organized day!

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3-Focus on what you have

Marie Kondo taught us to keep things that spark joy. I want you to focus on the intangibles you have that spark joy. You see, no matter your situation in life, you can choose joy.

If you have your family, your health, and you’re still able to work and provide for your family, you have the most important things! As things continue to change and tensions rise, make a note – physically or mentally – of everything you have that brings you joy in your life.

For me, I’ve had to pause in stressful moments and just take in the ear-to-ear grin of my 3-year-old who just colored himself completely blue while I was trying to do nothing before 9:00am. Stressful to me initially, but man was he proud of himself! I paused and focused on how happy he was. He was home with mom, playing with his markers, and transforming himself into a “monster”. He was FULL of joy and I’m choosing to do the same. I want to encourage you to focus on the good. It’s there!

Choose Better

You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react. My hope is that starting today, you’ll clean out unimportant tasks, better organize your day, and focus on the good in your life right now. I have no doubt you’ll lower your stress, be more productive, and become more joyful!

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