A Spot On Hit

… a hit with the entire audience! Spot on!

Terri R, Lilly Research Labs

Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE

Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Author, Trusted Advisor: Commonsense Leadership that Compounds Influence

Today’s chaotic business environments have leaders and business professionals longing for a dose of commonsense wisdom. Phillip Van Hooser is a voice of reason in their world of confusing realities. 

Phil has been in their shoes. From his own leadership experience in FORTUNE 500 manufacturing, consumer products, and banking, he knows the anxiety and hard costs that follow leadership approaches based on something other than prudence and practicality. 

As an HR Director, he had to rectify the results of leaders who misspoke, misspent, and misused their leadership power and position. In the process, Phil realized and refined the foundational, commonsense practices that authentically connect leaders with their people while compounding the significance of their influence and impact. 

For the last 30+ years, hundreds of businesses and brands wanting to build teamwork, trust, and a culture of engaged leadership, have confidently turned to Phil Van Hooser for the guidance and encouragement to do it right!

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Sound Wisdom Resonates

People in the trenches understand each other. 

Thousands of leaders and business pros across dozens of industries will tell you they can identify with Phil Van Hooser. They know he knows what he’s talking about. The relatable stories he shares and the sound wisdom he supplies resonate with the realities they face every day in their roles and responsibilities. 

Often the answers people need are hiding in plain sight. Phil’s illustrations pulled from ordinary work-life experiences, illuminate answers they need to solve some of the most troublesome leader-employee issues.

By getting back to the fundamentals of engaging, empowering, and elevating people, Phil Van Hooser guides audiences to embrace a commonsense plan that compounds their influence and connects them deeply to those they lead.

And who doesn’t want to work for an organization like that?!

Phil’s latest book, Earning The Right To Be Heard, crystallizes solid guidance into strategic steps that gain respect and influence while increasing professional opportunities. 

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Certified Speaking Professional, Speakers Hall of Fame Member, Cavett Award Recipient

How Do These Credentials Help You?

Phil Van Hooser is a 30+ year member and past president of the National Speakers Association. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, has been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, and is the recipient of NSA’s prestigious Cavett Award.

By hiring a known, trusted professional of the highest caliber, your job is made easier.

Certified Speaking Professionals are committed to the highest standards of presentation excellence and professional ethics.

CPAEs have been judged by their professional peers to consistently deliver an exceptional platform presentation experience.

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Must Have Back!

Everyone loved you! I’ve added you to my ‘must have back’ list!

Angie B., AgriBank | Farm Credit Bank

Spot On, A Hit!

…a hit with the entire audience! I have never heard that much positive feedback or excitement about an outside presenter at Lilly…Spot on!

Terri R., Lilly Research Labs

Relatable, Invaluable!

I appreciate how well you relate to us and the challenges we face…that is invaluable!

Carol H., KeyBank


It was spectacular! I hope you are as happy as we are!!!!

Letha K., Manufacturers Assn for Plastics Processors

Rock Star! Best Feedback Ever!

The feedback was the best we’ve ever received from our group. They walked away with so much good information. Everyone thought he was a ‘rock star!’

Kim B., F.F. Properties, LP

The Complete Package!

He has the complete package — organized, detailed, and a true understanding of the audience he is addressing…every attendee feels as though he is speaking directly to them.

Pat M., National Assn of Collegiate Directors of Athletics

Genuine, Credible, Meaningful Learning!

Phil’s message contains meaningful content, his stories hold the attention of his audience, and real learning takes place. He is genuine, credible, and deeply touches us intellectually and emotionally.

Doug S., Westar Energy

Fantastic, Commonsense Inspiration!

Phil is a fantastic inspiration! He speaks and writes in “commonsense” terms. His insight can change your outlook in minutes.

Tom W., Energy Distribution Partners

10 for 10 Would Recommend!

Phil knocked it out of the park!. His dynamic energy, and uplifting, positive message, was exactly what our attendees needed to hear! He came in like a bright light and reminded our audience of what’s important in business and everyday life, and had us all laughing by the end. 10/10 would recommend and will absolutely have him back in the future!

Laura Lee P., Southeast Propane Alliance