A Spot On Hit

… a hit with the entire audience! Spot on!

Terri R, Lilly Research Labs

Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE

Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Leadership Development Expert, Author on Engaged Leadership & Communication

Hundreds of businesses and brands wanting to build teamwork, trust and a culture of high performance, have confidently turned to Phil Van Hooser for the guidance to do it right!

From his own leadership experience in FORTUNE 500 manufacturing and consumer products companies as well as board leadership in banking, Phil knows the anxiety and hard costs that follow low-performance leadership, communication and employee engagement:

…time, money and opportunity lost when goals and objectives are miscommunicated,

…ideas, innovation and creativity untapped when employees are not engaged,

…conflict, stress and fear increase when leaders aren’t respected and employees work against them.


Engage, Empower & Elevate People & Performance

But thousands of leaders across dozens of industries will tell you Phil’s relatable stories, commonsense strategies and time-tested solutions help them solve the problems they face daily.

Whether delivered in person or virtually, Phil’s leadership development training and keynote presentations equip leaders, managers and supervisors to:

  • Strategically plan, communicate and execute their duties
  • Confidently engaging with their people to win credibility and trust
  • Understand what it’s really going to take to motivate their team
  • Resolve conflict and drama to restore positive working relationships
  • Steadily empower and propel the performance of their people
  • Foster a mindset that embraces change and taps into creativity
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Using relatable stories, relevant examples, and real-world applications, Phil Van Hooser guides organizations to uncover a commonsense plan for creating a culture of trust, teamwork, and valued employee engagement…

And who doesn’t want to work for an organization like that?!

Certified Speaking Professional, Speakers Hall of Fame Member, Cavett Award Recipient

Phil Van Hooser is a 30+ year member and past president of the National Speakers Association. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, has been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame and is recipient of NSA’s prestigious Cavett Award.

How Do These Credentials Help You?

  • Your job gets easier by hiring a known, trusted professional of the highest caliber.
  • Certified Speaking Professionals are committed to the highest standards of presentation excellence and professional ethics.
  • CPAEs have been judged by their professional peers to consistently deliver an exceptional platform presentation experience.

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Must Have Back

Everyone loved you! I’ve added you to my ‘must have back’ list!

Angie B., AgriBank | Farm Credit Bank

Spot On, A Hit

…a hit with the entire audience! I have never heard that much positive feedback or excitement about an outside presenter at Lilly…Spot on!

Terri R., Lilly Research Labs

Relatable, Invaluable

I appreciate how well you relate to us and the challenges we face…that is invaluable!

Carol H., KeyBank


It was spectacular! I hope you are as happy as we are!!!!

Letha K., Manufacturers Assn for Plastics Processors