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Alyson Van Hooser, PLCS | Millennial Keynote Speaker | Multi-Generation Leadership & Culture

Refreshing Keynote Speaker on 21st Century Leadership

Alyson Van Hooser is a keynote speaker helping leaders — from CEOs to front-line supervisors — connect with their multi-generation workforce and level up their own leadership skills to ignite high performance results!

The Keynote Speaker that Authentically Relates With Leaders

Alyson’s management and leadership experience in the retail, banking, and insurance industry, as well as an elected city councilwoman, reveal practical, tactical approaches leaders can use to capitalize on the diverse multi-generation workforce of the 21st-Century. Using Alyson’s results-obsessed approach to leadership development, leaders experience:

  • Increased performance from employees to drive bottom-line business results.
  • Strengthened teams that feed an attractive and inclusive culture all generations crave.
  • Heightened levels of employee and customer engagement to increase sustainable retention.
High-Energy, Heartfelt Stories + Performance Driving Applications

Alyson breaks down insightful research into practical applications that help leaders radically improve performance results within themselves and through their teams. Her heartfelt stories and high-energy and humor automatically engage and motivate individuals and teams to perform better. Her podcast, Stake: The Leadership Podcast, offers a fresh perspective on leadership and the value of understanding generational differences.

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A Keynote Speaker with an Unexpected Perspective

With wisdom drawn from tough life experiences, Alyson radiates an unexpected perspective on personal and professional success. Her intuitive street smarts and ownership mindset helps unlock exactly how to be more resilient, create your own success, and crush your goals in the 21st-century workforce. Through her down-to-earth style in keynotes and training sessions, she hits you in the heart, openes your mind, pushes you forward, and helps you crush your leadership goals!

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Keynote Presentation Topics

Future-Proof Leadership

Maximizing Leadership Results In A Multi-Generation Workforce

Perfect for: Association Conferences/Pre-Conferences, Executive Teams

Leadership pressure and responsibility to drive bottom-line business results has never been higher!  The complexity of the 21st-Century multi-generation workforce has left leaders scrambling to figure out how to profitably recruit, retain, train, communicate with, and motivate employees.  Is there a practical solution? Absolutely!

Through Alyson’s tough beginnings, personal leadership experience in the retail and finance industries, and serving as an elected City Councilwoman — Alyson uncovers the crux of multi-generation leadership success. 

The Benefit:

Through the unveiling of Alyson’s approach to leadership and the break down of generational information, attendees emerge inspired, educated, and equipped to take immediate action that breaks through barriers keeping leaders and teams from high-performance success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the mindsets motivating the 5 different generations in today’s workforce.
  • Gain clarity on what it takes to successfully lead multiple generations in the 21st century.
  • Learn how to become the leader Millennial and Gen Z employees will really want to follow.
  • Discover the biggest mistake leaders make when it comes to managing a multi-generation workforce.

Bye Hi, Felicia!

Overcome Obstacles and Build Authentic Connections with Employees

Perfect for: Executives, Senior Leadership, Mid-Level Managers, Emerging Leaders

There has never been a more diverse workforce than there is today. Although this can cause challenges, leaders hold the power to transform company culture through 21st century communication skills that drive results!

The Benefit

Through Alyson’s modern keynote, her mix of humor and deep-rooted strategies, attendees emerge equipped with practical knowledge and techniques to transform their approach to conflict, drama and difficult conversations in a way that will drive team performance through the roof!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to shift your mindset to create positive outcomes when communicating.
  • Understand different generational appetites for receiving feedback.
  • Break down the skill every successful employee needs to communicate well with anyone.
  • Unpack a 3 part action plan to resolve conflict effectively.

#YouDoYou Doesn’t Work

Defining Professionalism for Leadership Success

Perfect for:  Emerging Millennial and Gen Z Leaders

Millennial and Gen Z employees are flooding the workplace, moving into leadership positions, and need to be equipped to appropriately understand what it takes to earn the respect and credibility they want…and the results companies need! In today’s diverse workforce, professionalism can mean a lot of things. With up to five generations in the workforce, opinions run rampant on exactly what professionalism looks like.  However, there are 3 things every generation can agree on. When everyone is on the same page — everyone wins!

The Benefit

Alyson is a Millennial and relates directly to emerging leader audiences.  Alyson’s modern keynote, authentic approach filled with wit and well-established methods will motivate and equip attendees to transform into professionals that drive results in all areas of business!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to shift your mindset on professionalism in the 21st century.
  • Understand different generational standards on professionalism
  • Breakdown the 3 personal development areas every professional must manage in order to earn respect at work.
  • Unpack a proven process to Earn The Right To Be Heard.

Precious” to Professional

Skyrocket Female Influence and Impact At Work

Perfect for: All Women in Business including those in Emerging Management or Leadership Roles

At least half of our 21st century workforce is female. But like it or not, women in business still have to overcome stereotypes and stigmas to rise to the top.  Pop-culture isn’t doing business women any favors when they’re telling them to #doyou and act like #sorrynotsorry.  While these pop-culture approaches to success don’t always work well in the real world, Alyson will break down practical ways women in business can skyrocket their success by increasing their influence and impact.

The Benefit

Using insightful research and funny, yet powerful, stories of overcoming the odds, Alyson’s high-energy presentation equips and ignites passion and purpose within women to stand up, own their situations and achieve greater results for themselves and other women in business.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the psychology behind emotions, thoughts, and actions.
  • Gain clarity on where you are and who is in charge.
  • Learn the biggest mind shift women in business should make.
  • Discover the biggest lie women believe about why they are not where they could be.
  • Break down the 3 things women in business should do to land on top!

Level Up

Elevate Your Game and Crush Your Goals

Perfect for: Direct Selling Conferences, Kickoffs, & Leadership Training

When you harness the power of an ownership mindset, you can achieve your most audacious goals! With only the grit that can come from tough life experiences, Alyson peels back the layers on an ownership mindset so you can take back control of you life and catapult yourself into the future you dream of. If you are looking for someone to bring high energy, humor, and heartfelt stories to your event, Alyson does just that. 

The Benefit

Through a captivating keynote presentation of lessons learned from the intuitive study of beating the hand she was dealt, Alyson inspires and equips individuals to shift their mindset to take responsibility for their success and leave nothing on the table when it comes to achieving their goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain clarity on who is steering the trajectory of your life.
  • Learn the biggest mindset shift you can make to radically change your circumstance.
  • Understand the psychology behind your emotions, thoughts, and actions and how they can affect your progress.
  • Identify the 3 areas of your life you must own if you’re going to come out on top!

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