Accelerate New Leader Talent!

Don’t Get Caught Shorthanded -- Get Your New Leaders Ready to Lead!

Ensure new leaders are prepared to:

  • Skillfully manage team personalities and conflicting dynamics
  • Wisely lead multi-generational teams especially when leading "up"
  • Rationally process and settle on high quality decisions
  • Astutely build consensus while resolving conflicts and confrontation
  • Eagerly embrace change for the new opportunities it brings
  • Consciously act and communicate with integrity and professionalism
Phil Leadership Lecture

New Leaders Who Are Ready: Your Greatest Strategic Asset!

Create a customized new leader training for your team. Consider these critical starting blocks:

  • Planning & Leading Strategically
  • Discovering & Developing Your Leadership Style
  • Connecting & Communicating to Be a Better Leader
  • Motivating to Improve Employee Performance
  • How to Lead Multi-Generation Teams
  • "...using the commonsense principles from the Emerging Leader Development program, I've been able to work beside and build connections with many leaders. I've been pushed outside my comfort zone on many occasions and because of that, I've been offered countless opportunities to grow my career."

    Kayla T, Auditor
  • "...the biggest takeaway for me has been learning to lead with intentionality and purpose...looking for those little things I can do as a leader to set myself apart...finding opportunities to meet a need or fill a gap..."

    Bethany D, Regional Child Care Administrator
  • "...his training is both educational and entertaining. He uses real life stories from his life which make all his points relatable and meaningful. I highly recommend Phil Van Hooser, you won't be disappointed!"

    Michael F, CPA
  • "...I've grown in confidence. I've been able to advance in my position and further my career. Everyday I plan strategically using the skills that Phil taught me so I spend more time reaching the goals that matter the most...Phil's program consistently motivates me to bring my best self forward!"

    Michelle W, Loan Support
  • "To say the leadership training was beneficial would be an understatement. There are so many things that I've learned to help my profession both as a teacher and a coach...if we persevere and show some hard work, it can help us attain success."

    Daniel K, Educator & Coach
  • "This leadership training has helped me by challenging me to come out of my comfort has helped me learn more about myself. It has opened my eyes to the needs of the I'm more community-driven and willing to help."

    DeKyra G, Para Educator
  • "The emerging leader development program has helped me establish confidence to pursue professional opportunities ...many times a day I am able to use the information I have learned to make decisions, approach situations and establish connections."

    Holly G, District Finance Officer
  • "...I've learned leadership skills that have helped develop me professionally as well as personally...helping me grow as a mother, a wife and a leader in my community."

    Jenna W, Business Owner

Since 2014, Phil has volunteered as advisor, leadership instructor, mentor and coach through Vision 2050, an initiative he began for the development of rural-area millennial leaders.

He’s spent years learning their unique motivations while instilling in them the leadership skills Gen X and Baby Boomer decision makers demand. His approach to new and new leader development has been embraced by top U.S. companies including ExxonMobil, Reebok and AmeriGas and small-town organizations alike.

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