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Online Management Training to Unleash Leadership Potential!

Engage & retain high caliber talent.
Re-engage underperforming employees.
Develop a ready pool of high-quality leaders.
Reinforce and extend leadership growth and development.
Create a consistent leadership culture in your organization.
Avoid lost productivity, time and money from “preventable” mistakes.
Learn the nuances of leadership not covered in most training courses.

Online Management Training Courses to Get People Ready to Lead

Cornerstone 1: Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Fundamentals offers a roadmap for the new leaders’ transition and transformation from employee to leader. Managers will evaluate and understand the benefits and detriments of different leadership styles.

During this transition phase, managers will explore what followers value most in their leaders and why. New leaders will also learn strategies to prevent common, counter-productive leadership behaviors and learn how to build authentic, engaged relationships with those they lead.

3 Courses (12 Lessons):

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Knowing Your Leadership Style

Building Integrity, Trust & Respect for Leaders

Cornerstone 2: Motivating Employees

At every stage of the management experience, leaders are trying to figure out what will motivate their employees. Wide differences in generational groups — from Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z — compound the new leader’s confusion about employee motivation.

From Cornerstone 2, new leaders and managers will learn a process that reveals what ultimately drives genuine, sustainable employee motivation. They will recognize the predictable behavior patterns that signal lagging motivation in any employee and possess the necessary information to create a motivating environment for any generation or any individual.

2 Courses (11 Lessons):

Creating a Motivating Environment for Employees

Identifying the Real Causes of Employee Behavior

Cornerstone 3: Team Building Essentials

An organization’s mission will ultimately be achieved by managers successfully leading teams of employees to work together. Managers and emerging leaders get the essential team building action plan they need in Cornerstone 3.

They will understand how core team building concepts like authority, power and empowerment impact the dynamics of a team. Leaders will recognize identifiable team building concerns and gain skills to successfully manage inevitable conflict and confrontation. From initial team member on boarding through the empowerment process, managers and new leaders will know how to move their team toward creative collaboration that achieves greater outcomes.

2 Courses (9 Lessons):

Resolving Common Team Building Problems

How & When to Empower Your Employees

Cornerstone 4: Communication Skills

The trajectory of every new and emerging leader’s success will be driven by their ability to communicate. From Cornerstone 4, new managers and leaders will learn six essential components vital to effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication.

When these skills are applied, the emerging leader can: build greater leadership trust and increased employee engagement by actively listening and talking “with” people; earn credibility by managing on-task meetings and delivering on-point presentations; increase personal productivity by saying “no” the right way; use the power of brainstorming and debriefing to unlock innovation and creativity and much more.

4 Courses (15 Lessons):

Effective Meeting Management Skills

Resolving Workplace Conflict & Confrontation

Listening, Writing & Communicating to be a Better Leader

How to Successfully Present an Idea to Your Boss

LOTK® 4 Cornerstone Package

Organizations that want greater training flexibility can choose the Leaders Ought to Know® 4 Cornerstone package. This option provides full access to the 4 LOTK® Cornerstones and all the tools you need to meet ever-changing leadership development needs.

11 Courses (47 Lessons)

Online Management Training Advantages You Want

Leaders Ought to Know®  is an on-demand, e-learning management training curriculum that gives your managers critical insights and instruction for successfully leading, motivating, communicating and building engaged, high-performing teams.

LOTK® online management training content and applications have been designed keeping in mind the different ways adults learn. Each LOTK® Cornerstone module includes:

Multiple 10-12 Minute Video Lessons

  • Learn the essential core concepts of successful leadership through multiple bite-size videos.

Varied Interactive Learning Activities

  • Practice and apply the concepts learned using exercises, quizzes, discussion boards, journaling activities, self assessments, mentor interactions and more.

Member-Only Online Discussion Forum

  • Gain valuable perspectives from colleagues within your organization through interactive online discussion.

Mentor Learning Engagements

  • Develop personal leadership accountability and support while learning from other experienced leaders.

Onsite or Virtual Group Instruction

  • Heighten engagement with onsite, face-to-face group interaction and instruction exclusively led by LOTK® facilitators. Or choose the option of a virtual management training session. Twice a year, for one full day.

Weekly Learning Guide & Reminder (Optional)

  • Keep your whole team on the same page. If selected, the learning guide and reminder suggest our recommended route through the course materials.

Online Management Training You Can Rely On

online management training

The Skillset Successful Leaders Require

Why do so many new managers and emerging leaders fail within the first two years of promotion? While most are promoted based on their technical expertise, too many new managers, emerging leaders — even those managers who’ve been around awhile — are prepared with little, if any, leadership or management training.

That’s where our online management training comes in! We blend first-class, online management training courses with engaging onsite leadership development (or virtual management training) to ensure your managers ready to lead!

Expanding on the key leadership strategies presented in the popular book, Leaders Ought to Know: Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership, Leaders Ought to Know® online management training equips emerging leaders, new (and not so new) managers with the skill mix essential for success in their new roles and responsibilities.

New managers, emerging leaders, (and even those who’ve been around awhile) gain critical insights and instruction for successfully leading, motivating, communicating and building engaged, high-performing teams.

Your managers and leaders will know how to:

  • earn respect and credibility while fostering authentic, engaged relationships with employees
  • communicate with confidence and control
  • create opportunities that stimulate employee motivation
  • unleash the creativity and ingenuity of their teams and
  • build a sustainable culture of teamwork and trust!
online management training

Blending Online Management Training + Onsite or Virtual Leadership Training

 Get even better results with a blended training approach!

Combine our pre-designed online management training courses with the benefits of periodic onsite or virtual management training.

Get the Best of Both Options!

Comprehensive, convenient online management training for new leaders and those needing help with specific skills.


Focused, highly engaged onsite or virtual leadership training to reinforce and extend learning.

Learn more about our onsite and virtual management training options.

Ready to unleash your managers' full potential?