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Online Management Training That Sets Up New (and Not So New) Managers to Succeed

Why do so many new managers and emerging leaders fail within the first two years of promotion? While most are promoted based on their technical expertise, too many new managers, emerging leaders — even those managers who’ve been around awhile — are prepared with little, if any, leadership or management training. That’s where we come in… online management training and onsite leadership development to get your managers ready to lead.

One quarter of managers said they weren’t ready to become a leader when they started managing others. Even more disturbing, 58% said they didn’t receive any management training.*

A Solid Leadership Foundation Is Essential

Expanding on the key leadership strategies presented in the popular book, Leaders Ought to Know: Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership, Leaders Ought to Know®  online management training equips emerging leaders, new (and not so new) managers with the skill mix essential for success in their new roles and responsibilities.

New managers, emerging leaders, (and even those who’ve been around awhile) gain critical insights and instruction for successfully leading, motivating, communicating and building engaged, high-performing teams.

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Online Management Training that Gets Your Managers Ready to Lead

Learn the 4 Key Leaders Ought to Know® Competencies:
The Fundamentals of Leadership
The Essence of Human Motivation
Communication's Impact on Leadership Effectiveness
Building Work Teams That Work
Help Your  Emerging Leaders & Managers be the BEST!
Engage & retain high caliber talent.
Reduce costly “new manager” mistakes.
Develop a ready pool of high-quality leaders.
Create a consistent leadership culture in your organization.
online management training

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Prefer an Online Training + Onsite Option?

Most of clients prefer our pre-designed online management training courses plus the benefits of periodic onsite training. Get the best of both worlds:

Comprehensive, convenient online management training for new leaders.

Focused, highly engaged onsite leadership training to reinforce learning.

Learn more about our onsite training here.

*CareerBuilder Survey, 2011

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