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  • Who Should Be Promoted?

    When asking yourself, “Who should be promoted?” — you might want to consider not only seniority and experience, but something deeper.

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  • Brutal Honesty, Does It Hurt or Help?

    I must be careful.  If you don’t have honesty at the heart of the leader-follower relationship, it’s hard to imagine how it could ever flourish.  But there is also a warning note that I must sound for leaders when it comes to brutal honesty.

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  • Handle Change Like Masters

    Sometimes our best work is done when we’re under pressure.  When the time comes, are you and your team ready to perform — ready to handle change like a master?

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  • Tiger Woods, A Lesson from a Master

    Tiger Woods is once again The Masters champion — for the 5th time! Amazing! He overcame innumerable difficulties and hardships to accomplish the feat.

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  • A Grateful, Thankful Leadership Trainer

    “THANK YOU”…those words will never be enough, but I am SO GRATEFUL for every client, audience member, friend and family member who has supported and encouraged me in my work as a keynote speaker and leadership trainer! This is for everyone of you!

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