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  • Who Should Be Promoted?

    When asking yourself, “Who should be promoted?” — you might want to consider not only seniority and experience, but something deeper.

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  • Employee Performance Reviews: 2 Questions to Ask

    The greatest value of employee performance reviews is to prepare the employee for what you want them to do going forward. In order to inspire employees to meet your expectations going forward, your evaluation of past performance must be specific and accurate.

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  • Acknowledge Employees First

    Acknowledge employees first.  Keep in mind, as a leader, your employees are always watching.  It’s either the employee you are interacting with presently or the one who is trying to determine if he or she wants to interact with you in the future.  Do a good job and the employee will likely perform more positively […]

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  • 5 Things Every Professional Should Do

    Recently I was invited to dinner with a New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 Best Selling Author.  After a quick introduction of everyone at the table, he told a story about a 5 second encounter with a young man that went badly.  His story about this young man drove home the importance of […]

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  • Great Communicators Customize

    Great communicators are needed in the operating room, in the show room, in the classroom, in the boardroom and even in the living room. Improve your personal communication by working for understanding. Here’s how.

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