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Angie B., Agribank | Farm Credit Bank

Commonsense Leadership, Compounding Influence

EMPOWER your team to ENGAGE and EXECUTE through real-world leadership stories and commonsense illustrations. If you need to FUEL LEADERSHIP PERFORMANCE and AMP UP INFLUENCE… Phillip Van Hooser is ready to help!

As a trusted advisor and keynote speaker for major U.S. companies and organizations, Phil Van Hooser has one driving mission: to prepare business leaders with commonsense guidance for the opportunities and obstacles awaiting them.

A seasoned leader in manufacturing and banking, Phil has been showing entry-level, mid-level, and executive leaders how to successfully execute their responsibilities while authentically engaging and empowering their people for 30+ years.

As a result, thousands of leaders from myriad industries are engaging more authentically, executing their responsibilities more effectively, and compounding their influence and impact in the companies, communities, and circles in which they live!

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Solidify Connection & Engagement

Challenge Status Quo Leadership

Foster a Mindset to Embrace Change

Compound Influence & Impact

Conversational. Commonsense. Challenging the Status Quo!


From the time his grandmother knelt to look him in the eye and instill her wisdom in him, Phil has understood the value of intentionally, authentically connecting, and engaging with people.

“I’m here to talk with you… about you.” 

Like a trusted mentor or old friend, Phil shares truth and wisdom. Sometimes revealed through a story. Sometimes pointed. Sometimes from his own mistakes. 

It worked for his grandmother. It resonated through Phil’s career. It is the bedrock of his approach to leadership, and the hallmark of his presentation style.


In business and in life, people need answers that are practical and approaches that really work. As Phil shares commonsense concepts, audiences start shaking their heads in agreement and reflecting on their own journey. 

Why? Because they know Phil understands what they are going through. His front-row seat in high-pressure industries validates the ideas that deliver results… and discredits the ones that do anything but.

Audiences see the possibilities in the perspectives he presents. Engaged, inspired, equipped — they’re ready to put them into practice and experience their own personal results!

Challenging the Status Quo.

Some people will tell you what you want to hear whether it’s truthful or not. That’s the attitude that reinforces so-so results and leads so many people off course.

While some realities are hard to hear, Phil doesn’t shy away from the truth. He is a status quo challenger — committed to helping individuals make informed choices with accurate expectations to achieve the results their roles demand and they personally desire!

Conversational, Status Quo-Challenging Keynotes!

In Person, Hybrid & Virtual

  • Too Busy for Details: Strategies to Solidify Leadership Connection

  • Choose to Lead: The Steps Leaders Take to Create Intentionally Positive Impact

  • Be Heard: The Questions and Answers That Get You More Than You Ask For

Too Busy for Details: Strategies to Solidify Leadership Connection

It’s not hard to imagine, most of us have seen it: a disconnected leader trying desperately to make big things happen yet completely out of touch with their people — the very people they rely on to get it done.

In the rush of business demands, it’s easy to neglect some details. But leadership connection should never be one of them. Every business relationship rests on a connection. How well you solidify those connections directly impacts your influence and success.

From relatable, real-life, and sometimes, raw stories of “what to do and not do,” discover how impactful leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and successful, everyday people strengthen their connection and leadership impact.

When these commonsense strategies are applied, business owners, managers, and leaders at any level understand:

  • Why their people want authentic connections and how to establish them
  • How active listening and honest communication build greater respect, trust, and relationships
  • The all-too-common “sins” which destroy leadership influence
  • The commandments impactful leaders habitually practice

The presentation is perfect for:

  • Leaders, managers, emerging leaders, and high potential team members
  • Teams preparing for succession or culture change.
  • Any group working toward greater team engagement and trust.

Choose to Lead: The Steps Leaders Take to Create Intentionally Positive Impact

Work today is a pressure cooker for leaders, and managers — for employees of every level. And at the heart of much of the pressure is a disconnect. Leaders don’t “get” the motivation and mindset of younger workers, while new, emerging managers and employees feel under-appreciated and “unheard.”

Reducing this gap… creating an environment where employees feel equipped to do their best… and leaders feel confident the organization can achieve its highest… requires making a definitive choice…

The choice to lead.

Business professionals up and down any organizational ladder can purposefully create more authentic working relationships, stronger teams, better communication, greater connection, and more significant impact — by adopting the “choose to lead” mindset and methods.

Make work — make your world — less stressful, more engaging, highly productive, and exceedingly more impactful! The choice is yours. Embed it into your culture. Make it your mantra…

“Choose to Lead!”

Business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and team members will:

  • Understand why intentionally choosing to lead is imperative

  • Learn the communication strategies that build greater connection and create more authentic work relationships

  • Discover the decisions and actions that position you to consciously create ultimately greater impact personally and professionally. 

This program is perfect for:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and team members
  • New managers, emerging leaders, and high potentials transitioning to leadership

Be Heard: The Questions and Answers That Get You More Than You Ask For

Being heard is about more than just getting what you want. It’s about approaching key players and decision-makers in a way that sparks their interest and causes them to want to listen to you both now and down the road.

Learn the right answers that put you in the sweet spot to gain more respect and influence, while drawing more professional opportunities your way. You’ll discover how to present yourself and your ideas in a way that decision-makers respect, trust, and regularly seek out with a time-tested approach to…

  • Command the interest of decision-makers,
  • Demonstrate your capabilities and credibility,
  • Earn a voice in future conversations and decisions, and
  • Increase access to key players through growing influence and authority.

This program is perfect for:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals at all organizational levels
  • New managers, emerging leaders, and high potentials transitioning into leadership roles
  • Decision-makers at all organizational levels

Earning The Right To Be Heard: Sell Your Ideas, Build Your Influence, Grow Your Opportunities

“This is really a must-read book for everyone who is in a position of influence or who desires to be in a position of influence. Learning how to earn the right to be heard is a real differentiator that will set apart those who understand this from those who don’t. Just get the book and read it right away. You won’t regret it.”

~ Steve Sanders, Cybersecurity Expert

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Must Have Back!

Everyone loved you! I’ve added you to my ‘must have back’ list!

Angie B., AgriBank | Farm Credit Bank

Spot On, A Hit!

…a hit with the entire audience! I have never heard that much positive feedback or excitement about an outside presenter at Lilly…Spot on!

Terri R., Lilly Research Labs

Relatable, Invaluable!

I appreciate how well you relate to us and the challenges we face…that is invaluable!

Carol H., KeyBank


It was spectacular! I hope you are as happy as we are!!!!

Letha K., Manufacturers Assn for Plastics Processors

Rock Star! Best Feedback Ever!

The feedback was the best we’ve ever received from our group. They walked away with so much good information. Everyone thought he was a ‘rock star!’

Kim B., F.F. Properties, LP

The Complete Package!

He has the complete package — organized, detailed, and a true understanding of the audience he is addressing…every attendee feels as though he is speaking directly to them.

Pat M., National Assn of Collegiate Directors of Athletics

Genuine, Credible, Meaningful Learning!

Phil’s message contains meaningful content, his stories hold the attention of his audience, and real learning takes place. He is genuine, credible, and deeply touches us intellectually and emotionally.

Doug S., Westar Energy

Fantastic, Commonsense Inspiration!

Phil is a fantastic inspiration! He speaks and writes in “commonsense” terms. His insight can change your outlook in minutes.

Tom W., Energy Distribution Partners

10 for 10 Would Recommend!

Phil knocked it out of the park!. His dynamic energy, and uplifting, positive message, was exactly what our attendees needed to hear! He came in like a bright light and reminded our audience of what’s important in business and everyday life, and had us all laughing by the end. 10/10 would recommend and will absolutely have him back in the future!

Laura Lee P., Southeast Propane Alliance