30-Day Journey to Accelerate Your Success (Kindle, Paperback) image

30-Day Journey to Accelerate Your Success (Kindle, Paperback)


Accelerate Your Success! Power-packed Lessons to Help You Succeed…FASTER!

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to earn success in today’s radically diverse, rapidly changing world with a 30-Day Journey to Accelerate Your Success.

This is more than a professional development book; it is a one-month journey to establishing a firm foundation in the principles that enhance performance and drive professional growth. If you commit to intentionally focusing on accelerating your success, over the course of 30 days you will master the catalysts for high achievement and boost your momentum on your success journey. All you need is a burning desire and willingness to work toward getting better.

With valuable insights from a boomer — Phil Van Hooser, and a millennial leader — Alyson Van Hooser, Accelerate Your Success will show you exactly what it takes to succeed in a dynamic, multigenerational business world. Power-packed lessons include the following:

  • How to eradicate negative tendencies and replace them with rewarding habits
  • The best planning strategies to fuel professional growth
  • Why emotional intelligence will help you improve communication and strengthen relationships
  • How to ask for the opportunities you deserve—and then embrace them
  • The secrets of peak performers
  • Strategies for achieving work-life balance so that you can stay grounded in the grind

The finishing touches required to achieve success might change, but the prerequisites never do. This 30-day success program offers a roadmap for elevating your professional game by explaining the critical qualities, behaviors, and actions you need to accelerate your success.

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