Earning The Right To Be Heard Book & Process (Kindle, Paperback) image

Earning The Right To Be Heard Book & Process (Kindle, Paperback)


Be Heard Book: The Process You Need to Know BEFORE Pitching, Presenting, or Proposing Anything

To be heard is about more than just getting what you want. It’s about approaching key players and decision-makers in a way that sparks their interest and causes them to want to listen to you both now and down the road. This book shows you the sweet spot of strategic communication that gains you more respect and influence while increasing your professional opportunities.

Earning The Right To Be Heard uncovers the five key questions you must have answers for. You’ll learn the process to answer these questions with the right answers every time. Moreover, you’ll discover how to present yourself and your ideas in a way that decision-makers and prime stakeholders respect, trust, and regularly seek out.

This time-tested process will guide you in the correct approach to…

  • Captivate the interest of key people and decision-makers.
  • Demonstrate your capabilities and credibility.
  • Earn a voice in future conversations and decisions.
  • Increase your access to key players through growing influence and authority.


What Readers Say About the Be Heard Book…

“This is really a must-read book for everyone who is in a position of influence or who desires to be in a position of influence. Learning how to earn the right to be heard is a real differentiator that will set apart those who understand this from those who don’t. Just get the book and read it right away. You won’t regret it.”

~ Steve Sanders, Cybersecurity Expert

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