Based on the hard-earned wisdom of a cabdriver who spends time with customers every single day, this customer service book offers business leaders a chance to reconnect with the fundamentals of good sales and customer service.

  • Kindle, 160 pgs
  • ISBN:  978-1-64095-145-7

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Customer Service Books to Woo, Wow & Win Long-Term Loyalty

In Willie’s Way, sales and customer service professionals learn 6 key practices for building a unique strategy to woo, wow and win long-term customer loyalty.  Sales and customer service professionals can be successful even in the most difficult service circumstances. In this engaging customer service book that reveals a chance encounter with a South Carolina cabdriver, you will learn six proven ideas for exceptional customer service including:

  • How to woo customers so they come back again and again
  • How to wow customers so they tell their friends about you
  • How to win customers’ long-term business by exceeding their expectations
  • How to apply Willie’s Way to your own enterprises to build long-lasting customer loyalty.

customer service books“…absolutely hit the bulls-eye with an outstanding instruction manual about the keys to extraordinary customer service.”

R. G. Kelley, Director of Sales Training North America, Axcan Pharma, Inc.

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