Growth-oriented businesses need leaders who generate profits while improving employee performance. Employees want leaders they trust and believe in. Leaders Ought to Know is the guidebook for building your relational, integrity-based, results-focused leadership style.

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Leaders Ought to Know: Commonsense Approach to Build Leadership Performance

There are some foundational concepts leaders ought to know – how to earn an employee’s respect, how to be truthful, how to make good decisions, how to plan strategically, how to motivate others — how to be a relational leader who’s taken seriously. Leaders Ought to Know is a must-read for any leader — at any level — feeling the pressure to perform. Vetted for real world practicality, this book shows leaders the commonsense steps to:

  • Motivate — not manipulate — to get results
  • Maintain honesty and confidentiality
  • Communicate hard truths without damaging relationships
  • Earn the respect of followers
  • Manage fear and control emotions
  • Build a team of followers who trust and support you.

“Forget about theory — this is all stuff that can be used today, tomorrow and forever. Phillip looks at issues that may seem complex and breaks them all down into manageable steps that lead to success. You will learn how to ratchet up your performance and in tandem, build the skills of the folks on your team.”

J. Scarlett, Chairman (retired), Tractor Supply Company

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