• 3 Social Media Mistakes Professionals Don’t Make

    What you share, say, like and follow on social media is being watched and is being held for you or against you. Is your social media helping or hurting you?

    3 Social Media Mistakes Professionals Don’t Make


    1. Thinking the Private Setting means you’re completely hidden
    2. Ranting on Social Media
    3. Friending and then Blocking

    Most people use their personal social media to interact with people they know. Most people think it is totally acceptable to post what you want and when you want because it’s your (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) account, right? Don’t be most people! Yes, it is your personal account, but are you aware you may be killing your own career by what you’re doing on social media?


    3 Social Media Mistakes Professionals Don’t Make

    1. Thinking your Private Setting means you’re completely hidden

    Many people think that because their profile is set to ‘private’ that employers won’t be able to find them. I’ve been on the employer’s side of the table where we were trying to get a feel for who someone really is before bringing them in for an interview. Just like “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”, employers will find someone somewhere who is connected to you so they can check out your profile.

    Professionals take their social media seriously and do not post anything they wouldn’t want the whole world to see.

    2. Ranting on Social Media

    I have sat around a computer with leaders and looked at applicant social media profiles. How do you think the conversation goes when decision makers see rants about poor service, traffic, not wanting Monday to come, etc. from people who are wanting a job or promotion? I can tell you, it’s not good news for the applicant.

    When decision makers read those ranting posts, it leaves them with questions like, “How much self-discipline does this person have?” or “I wonder if they can control their mouth?” Ultimately, people who rant on social media risk losing opportunities because of it.

    Professionals don’t miss out on long-term opportunity simply because they want a short-term emotional release.

    3. Friending and then Blocking

    If you become friends on social media with everyone at work on your first day, then a few months later you block everyone…you’re going to raise some red flags with your coworkers. Making this mistake causes thoughts to creep in their minds like, “What are they trying to hide?” It can make people wonder if you are doing something you’re not supposed to do, or if you are looking for another job. Why does it matter what other people are thinking or wondering about you? Because it affects how they treat you.

    Professionals don’t give people a reason to question their intentions.

    Professionals Set Social Media Boundaries

    My goal in this article is not to offend anyone, but to help everyone interested in helping themselves get ahead professionally. (Phil wrote a great article on Strategic Development for Leaders. Check it out!)  I have had so many conversations about giving someone a job in the corporate world, appointing someone to a position of authority within local government, offering an opportunity for service at church, and the person’s social media activity always–not sometimes–always comes into the conversation.

    Both in-person and online 24/7, choose to be the professional that employers will want to hire and promote. Professionals think before they type. And when they type it out, they read it one, two and three times. Professionals ask themselves if what they are posting is going to help their professional image or hurt their professional image? Remember, professionals always post with a positive, intentional purpose.

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