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Alyson Van Hooser, PLCS

Leadership Keynote Speaker with an Uncommon Millennial Perspective

Results-Focused Inspiration
Alyson Van Hooser knows the pressure and responsibility of breaking through big obstacles to achieve great results — both personally and professionally.

Tough beginnings taught Alyson how to unlock the power of an ownership mindset to overcome great adversity and achieve audacious goals! Her soon-to-be-released book and the keynote drawn from it illuminate the personal success strategies mined from overcoming her childhood struggles. Her results-focused inspiration guides people at all stages to make practical changes that drive real life results!

Alyson Van Hooser — A Unique Millennial with a Unique Perspective
Alyson’s management experience with Walmart, her leadership experience as a bank manager, insurance advisor, and elected city council member – all by the age of 30 — taught her what professional success requires.

Her keynote presentations and training programs prepare multi-generation leaders and teams to successfully work together. Her podcast, Stake: The Leadership Podcast, features a unique Millennial perspective on leadership and the value of understanding generational differences. With Alyson’s personal and professional strategies for success in tow, her audiences return to work both excited and equipped to achieve amazing results!

Areas of Expertise
Education & Achievements

Council Member, City of Princeton, KY (2016-2018)

Leadership Kentucky Graduate

BS, Marketing, Murray State University

Graduate, Kentucky Bankers School

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Give your ear, get their loyalty

Rise up from a slip up

Kill the beef at work

The leader’s pen

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Latest Posts

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    November 14, 2019
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    November 8, 2019

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