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Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE

Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Leadership Development Expert, Author on Engaged Leadership & Communication

Improving Profits & Productivity through More Engaged Leadership!

When businesses and brands want to increase profits while improving employee performance and retention, they can confidently turn to Phillip Van Hooser for the guidance to do it right!

From his own leadership experience in FORTUNE 500 manufacturing and consumer products companies as well as board leadership in community banking, Phil knows the anxiety and hard costs that follow low-performance leadership, communication and employee engagement:

…time, money and opportunity lost when goals and objectives are miscommunicated,

…ideas, innovation and creativity untapped when employees are not engaged,

…conflict, stress and fear increase when leaders aren’t respected and employees work against them.

Elevating a Culture of Trust, Teamwork & Valued Employee Engagement!

phil van hooser

Whether delivered in person or virtually, Phil’s leadership development training and keynote presentations equip leaders, managers and supervisors with the practical skills they need to:

  • Gain respect
  • Win credibility
  • Communicate effectively
  • Relieve conflict and
  • Build successful employee relations that improve the bottom line.

Add to that experience, Phil’s work with 1000+ unique clients… And the results? 

Companies and organizations discover a commonsense plan for creating a culture of trust, teamwork, and valued employee engagement!

Start building teamwork, trust and leader/employee relationships that build the bottom line… contact Phil now.

Areas of Expertise
Education & Achievements

Council of Peers Award of Excellence (Hall of Fame), National Speakers Association

Certified Speaking Professional, National Speakers Association

MBA, Nova Southeastern University

BS, Marketing, Murray State University

Business Author on Leadership, Service & Communication

For organizations or individuals seeking to build engaged, productive employee relationships, Phil Van Hooser has laid out a clear success plan in these books on leadership, service and communication. His titles include:

Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership

We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

Willie’s Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty

Advisor & Mentor Across Generational Lines

Many Baby Boomer & Gen X leaders are uncertain how to engage their Millennial and Gen Z employees. To better understand the newest generation employees and to equip others leading them, Phil started a non-profit initiative for the development of rural-area young leaders in 2014.

Calling it one of the most rewarding efforts he’s ever been part of, Phil serves as advisor, leadership instructor, mentor and coach for 25 to 35 year olds seeking leadership growth and training. In return, these Millennial and Gen Z participants provide valuable insight into building successful leader employee relationships across generational lines.

phillip van hooser

Certified Speaking Professional, Speakers Hall of Fame Member, Cavett Award Recipient

Phil Van Hooser is a 30+ year member and past president of the National Speakers Association. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, has been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame and is recipient of NSA’s prestigious Cavett Award.

What Do These Credentials Mean to You?

  • You’re making your job easier by hiring a known, trusted professional of the highest caliber.
  • You’re choosing a professional committed to excellence and ethics.
  • You’re selecting a professional judged by peers to deliver an exceptional platform presentation.

Certified Speaking Professional
The CSP is an international designation conferred by the National Speakers Association only on those speakers who have earned it by meeting strict qualifying criteria. CSPs are among the top tier of professional speakers — worldwide — and have a demonstrated track record of professionalism and success.

CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
The Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) Speaker Hall of Fame honors professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence. Inductees are evaluated by their peers through a rigorous and demanding process. Each candidate must excel in five categories: message, presentation/delivery, experience, professionalism and collateral material.

Cavett Award Recipient
The Cavett Award is the National Speakers Association’s most cherished award. It is presented annually to the member whose accomplishments over the years have reflected outstanding credit, respect, honor and admiration in the Association and the speaking profession, and whose actions (in terms of sharing, guiding and inspiring other members) most closely parallel the illustrious career of our Co-Founder Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE.

phillip van hooser
phillip van hooser
phillip van hooser
phillip van hooser

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