The Key To Build Confidence

The Key To Build Confidence image DATE: October 23, 2018

The Key to Build Confidence

There is only one thing that will build confidence in any human being, and it’s not what most people think. Here are three things that won’t build confidence and the ONE thing that will!

How to Build Confidence: 3 Things That Don’t Work

Lack of confidence is an unfortunate malady which affects far too many people — even leaders. Before learning how to build confidence, you must realize a few things most people think will make them more confident — but won’t.

  • Confidence is not established by education alone.

Intense study, yielding certifications and degrees will certainly help broaden your understanding of a specific subject but will not build your level of confidence. Many highly trained or well-educated people suffer from a lack of confidence.

  •  Confidence is not established by effort alone.

We all know many truly industrious people who work long and hard but continue to be unsuccessful in developing increasing levels of personal confidence.

  •  Confidence is not established by repetition alone.

Doing something repeatedly may create a comfort level forged in familiarity. But repetition of one task won’t necessarily transfer confidence to new and different tasks.

If education, effort and repetition are not the magic potion guaranteed to build confidence — what is the one thing that will allow you to soar confidently while others quake in their boots?


Build Confidence: The One Thing You Must Have

The one thing that’s guaranteed to build confidence is success.

Simple, garden-variety success.

Think about it.

With every success in life — large or small — our confidence in our abilities and our potential momentarily, at least, soars. Our confidence levels will naturally be at their highest peak.

It’s in these moments that our minds expand. It’s when we’re most open to new opportunities and trying new things.

Consciously focusing on the successes that got us where we are helps us maintain those heightened levels of confidence — equipping us with the courage and curiosity to try something new, different or even more difficult.


Build Confidence: Try This

Make a list of all your past noteworthy accomplishments. No success is too large — or small — to be captured.

Include past successes from high school and college. Don’t overlook your successful experiences in sports, volunteer and extracurricular activities. And, of course, successful work experiences, projects or promotions.

Once you’ve developed your list of successes, take time to note what you learned or gained from each. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What new talent did I discover?
  • What new skill was I able to learn or develop?
  • What fear or obstacle did I successfully overcome?
  • How did succeeding make me feel?

Finally, ask yourself: “how can I apply what I learned from these successes to the issues I’m least confident in currently.”

Remember, success breeds success; confidence breeds confidence.

Yesterday’s successes can provide the confidence necessary for today’s challenges. And today’s confidence will serve as the springboard for your future growth and success!

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