• Tiger Woods, A Lesson from a Master

    Tiger Woods is once again The Masters champion — for the 5th time! Amazing! He overcame innumerable difficulties and hardships to accomplish the feat.

    Tiger Woods, A Lesson from a Master

    Like him or not, it’s virtually impossible to ignore the tenacity, sacrifice and relentless determination required to accomplish this most recent feat.  In my opinion, Tiger not only showed us what HE can do, he showed us what WE can do once we completely dedicate ourselves to a cause we consider worthy.

    This picture was taken at the 2002 Champion’s Dinner at Augusta National Golf Club. Pictured are the two greatest living golfers alive today and maybe the two greatest who ever lived, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Between them they now own 11 Masters Championships.

    Tiger Woods

    Learn From A Master

    From CEO to small town leaders alike, for over 30 years I have encouraged my clients and audience members to seek an example of someone they respect.  Tiger himself has said he uses Jack Nicklaus’ example of commitment to professionalism, excellence and yes, MASTERY, to serve as one of his motivating rallying cries.

    My question to you today is who serves that role for you?  I challenge you this week to find someone who sets the bar high.  Pinpoint them as your example and study what they do to be successful.  Then, you may be the next master of your own course.

    And if you’re curious, here’s the full list of Masters Champions.

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One thought on “Tiger Woods, A Lesson from a Master

  • Hi Phil,

    Your post here is timely. I gave a speech just last Thursday at my Toastmasters club on leadership style tying Tiger and golf in. Of the 8 leadership styles I shared that mine is coaching. Like my 7 iron I am most comfortable and confident there. However, like golf not every shot calls for a 7 iron so you have to have a certain levels of proficiency with all style of leadership to effectively address the situation or the group. Discernment may be the most valuable club we have in our leadership bag!

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