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Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE

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Award Winning Keynote Speaker & Author on Influential Leadership, Service & Communication

A former leader and manager in high-pressure industries, Phil knows the shift in perspective and commonsense skills that work for leaders in the real world. His approach to leadership, service and communication helps audiences and teams strengthen employee and customer relationships, increase engagement and deliver profits. 900+ clients, over 30+ years, throughout the U.S. and beyond have benefited from his practical experience and professional expertise.

Phil enjoys pheasant hunting, teaching his 7 grandkids some new trick or joke, and exploring new places and opportunities with his wife, Susan.

Areas of Expertise:

Strategic Leadership Development

Communication Skills

Service & Professionalism

Build & Motivate Multi-Generation Teams

Manage Change & Transition


Alyson Van Hooser, PLCS

van hooser associates
Inspiring Keynote Speaker & Trainer on Millennials, Gen Z & Women in Business

As a Millennial, Alyson knows what leaders have to do to get younger employees to perform higher and stay longer.

For younger professionals looking to take their career to the next level, her lessons from tough beginnings and highly visible leadership roles translate into a commonsense action plan that works. 

Alyson is 100% wife and mom, part-time break dancer with mediocre skills, and all-in when it comes to helping leaders and teams perform at their best!

Areas of Expertise:

Leading Millennials & Gen Z

Customer Service & Professionalism

Influence for Women in Business

Cross-generational Communication Skills

Transforming Mindset Shifts


Susan Van Hooser

van hooser associates

Susan has provided administrative management, marketing and sales support for Van Hooser Associates, Inc. since its inception. She manages all day-to-day details for the company, while providing a friendly point-of-contact with all clients.

Her happy place is in the midst of her loving (and loud!) family! Or out for a run on the quiet streets of her small hometown. (At 54, she ran her first race — a half-marathon!) She also loves discovering new diners and dives with her husband, Phil, and hanging out with their black lab, Jaz!

Areas of Responsibility:


Booking Information

Product Inquiries

Client Relations

Keeping All the Balls in the Air


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