• The Essential Element of Leadership

      Followers have always been, still are and will always be the essential element of leadership — without them, leaders cannot survive. Read my latest Leaders Ought to Know blog for a discussion on getting the most accomplished through those who follow you. Additional Resources Should You Know Your Employees [Blog Post] Get Your Free […]

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  • One Action to Make You a Better Leader

    Better Leader? Do This… If you want to be a better leader, you have to take action. What one action could you take that would make you a better leader now? What’s stopping you from taking that action? Read my latest Leaders Ought to Know blog and please, let me know your thoughts. Additional Resources […]

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  • Are You a Natural Born Leader?

    Natural Born Leader All leaders are born—but none are born leaders. Leaders develop over time. They must learn to crawl before they stand and stand before they walk. Read my latest Leaders Ought to Know blog and please, share your comments.   Additional Resources Avoiding Common Leadership Pitfalls [Blog Post] Growing from Employee to Leader: […]

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  • Growing from Employee to Leader: 6 Levels of Empowerment

    Empowerment: A Tricky Business Empowerment — building the leadership bench strength of an organization requires a steady supply of leadership talent. Looking within the organization, managers and supervisors should consider opportunities to prepare those around them for ever more challenging leadership roles. That said, taking high potential candidates and moving them forward to leadership readiness […]

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