Handle Change Like Masters

Sometimes our best work is done when we’re under pressure.  When the time comes, are you and your team ready to perform — ready to handle change like a master?

I first visited Augusta National Golf Club in March 1999. I was there to lead a service and leadership training session for club managers from both Augusta National Golf Club and the neighboring club, Augusta Country Club. I returned again in October of that year to provide more training. Then in April 2002, I spent 10 days onsite working in a support capacity leading up to and through the 2002 The Masters.

Besides the unbelievable golf experience, the full- and part-time employees were nothing short of extraordinary. That’s why I was pleased, but not at all surprised, by what happened on Sunday, April 14, 2019 for the first time in The Masters 85-year history.

Overnight Changes

With severe weather moving into the area, on Sunday — the final day of the best known golf tournament in the world — for the first time ever its schedule changed in a BIG way. New player pairings, earlier tee times, juggled TV schedules, to name a few — and it all happened virtually over night. And not surprising to me, the professionals at Augusta National Golf Club never missed a beat! The tournament was successfully completed and Tiger Woods was crowned champion for the 5th time — amazing! (For my post about Tiger’s mastery, go here.)

Background Masters

But even more amazing to me was that with more than 35,000 patrons on the grounds and the world watching every move on TV, the phenomenal staff at Augusta National Golf Club stepped up to its own equivalent of a 30-foot eagle putt and sunk it. Bottom of the hole!

Tiger and the players deserve their credit for sure. But maybe the real Masters in this story are those men and women — Augusta National Golf Club staff — who worked behind the scenes and rallied together to change 85-years of tradition over night with the world watching. Truly MASTERFUL! Are you and your organization ready for such a challenge?

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Author: Phillip Van Hooser
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