Helping You Solve Leadership & Generation Gaps

DATE: October 30, 2018

Helping You Solve Leadership and Generation Gaps

Many baby boomers are working longer, many millennials are transitioning into leadership positions, and many Gen Z’s are entering the workplace.  Wow — talk about change!  This creates multiple gaps in leadership and communication.  We are ready to help!

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Hey there. Phillip Van Hooser here. Is my face familiar to you? I really hope so because if it is, that probably means that you’ve been in at least one of my presentations or maybe you’ve watched one or more of the leadership videos that I’ve produced over the years. ​

The fact is I’ve been doing this a long time. Since 1988 this is the face that most Van Hooser Associates’ clients have come to know, that is until today. Today a new face emerges from within our organization, this face right here. Meet the newest member of the Van Hooser Associates team, and how convenient is this, her name is Van Hooser too! ​

Meet Alyson Van Hooser, my daughter-in-law — but stop right there, don’t you be tempted to assume this is the most recent example of nepotism run amuck! Believe me, this young woman has earned her way onto our team. Over the past several years Alyson has steadily built and enviable leadership resume. She’s performed admirably and has advanced upwardly consistently into key leadership roles in both the financial services industry as well as within one of the world’s largest retailers, and no surprise here, opportunities always follow leadership success. ​

Two years ago, Alyson took her leadership skills into a new arena, arguably a more challenging arena, that of public service. Alyson took the leap and ran for public office and she won. Alyson has served the citizens of our community as the youngest city council woman ever elected. In other words, Alyson loves a professional challenge, and now comes this challenge. The challenge of preparing the next generation of employees and leaders to maximize the many opportunities which lie ahead of them. ​

Now Alyson I know I’ve embarrassed you but the real question is, are you ready?


Phil, I’m ready and honestly I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for our clients!

You might be sitting there wondering why in the world would I want to work for father-in-law?

Well, first, I won’t be working for him — we’ll be working together, and that’s what’s so cool about this. We’ll share our different experiences, different skill sets to better help our clients bridge the leadership in generation gaps that may exist within their organizations.

And really, there’s never been a more important time to do that than now because so many young people are entering the workplace, such as myself, and so many experienced people are working longer. People of all generations have to come together and come together in a way where both are committed to accomplishing common organizational goals.

Now personally, I’ve been closely associated with Phil and his work for about 15 years, and what I found is that his stuff actually works! I’ve applied Phil’s leadership principles and what I’ve found as I’ve implemented them is that I’ve seen the benefits and honestly reaped the success from them. ​

This is going to be really cool — joining Phil, working together as we introduce practical leadership principles to an even broader and more diverse client base.

Here’s what you can expect in the days ahead. Initially you’ll get to know me over the phone, via email and through various messages and video blogs. In fact, my first video blog will be posted in the next few days — look out for that. But soon you can even expect to see Phil and I working together on projects.

So stay tuned. That’s going to be really cool, but most importantly hear me say this. Strong, impactful, foundational leadership is never about the individual. It’s always about the individual’s ability to offer service and take action for the benefit of others.

Now I can’t wait to offer service and take action for you as we work together to strengthen and prepare your leaders!


So there you have it. I think she’s ready and I know we are too.

I’d like to invite you to connect with Alyson some time real soon. You can do that, of course, via LinkedIn or Instagram. Or frankly, you can go all old school, send her an email ( or better still pick up the telephone and give her a call (270-365-1536). I know she’d love to hear from you, and so would I.

In the meantime if we can help you in some way, let us know. Why? Because we, the expanding team at Van Hooser Associates, we’re here to help you with the emerging leaders transition and we want to hear from you real soon.

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Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE is committed to helping organizations transform their business outcomes by building engaged employee relationships. He is an award-winning keynote speaker and author on engaged leadership and communication. His most recent book is “Earning The Right To Be Heard," a primer for creating greater influence and opportunities. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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