A Grateful, Thankful Leadership Trainer

A Grateful, Thankful Leadership Trainer image DATE: April 9, 2019

“THANK YOU”…those words will never be enough, but I am SO GRATEFUL for every client, audience member, friend and family member who has supported and encouraged me in my work as a keynote speaker and leadership trainer! This is for everyone of you!

This Leadership Trainer Owes You a Huge “Thank You!”

Hi, Phil Van Hooser here and I want to say to you, “thank you!” You may not know why, but for many of you, today would not be possible if it weren’t for you. You see today, April the 8th, 2019 is my 31st anniversary as a professional speaker, full time. Now, many of you have not known me and been followers of me and supporters of me for the last 31 years, but some of you have! And this could not have been possible if not for hundreds, even thousands of clients and audience members and supporters of all sort who have encouraged me as I’m trying to share my message and encourage others to be better, greater, more focused leaders.

This has been a wonderful journey! It’s unbelievable the clients I’ve had to work with! It’s unbelievable the people that I’ve met along the way and more important for me personally, it’s unbelievable what all of you have taught me! This is a special day for me, a day of reflection but of course a day of continuation as well. Reflecting on what has been and continuing to build this business and to build the relationships and to build leaders the way that we’ve attempted to do for the last 31 years.

If you have helped me in any way, I can’t contact every one, there’s just far too many. But if you’ve helped me in any way, by way of hiring us, by way of referring us, by way of encouraging and supporting us by your words and deeds I want you to know sincerely we thank you. And, even though I don’t know that I’ve got 31 more years in me, hopefully I have several more years that we can continue to build on the foundation that has been laid. I look forward to working with you with that. Thanks!

(For a good laugh, here I am way back in the day with my first client and now great friend, Tom Alexander! Wow!!)

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Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE is committed to helping organizations transform their business outcomes by building engaged employee relationships. He is an award-winning keynote speaker and author on engaged leadership and communication. His most recent book is “Earning The Right To Be Heard," a primer for creating greater influence and opportunities. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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